OllyDog Product Spotlight: Meridian Dog Carrier

OllyDog Product Spotlight: Meridian Dog Carrier

Calling all small dog lovers - this one is for you!

One of the best perks of having small dogs is the ability to take them with you wherever you go! From brunch with friends to traveling with a small dog, we know that life is better with your pup by your side. That’s exactly why we made the product we are highlighting today.

The Meridian Dog Carrier is the ideal way to be out and about with your dog. Fun and function come together in a smart design that will keep both of you happy - anywhere!

B.Y.O.D. = Bring your own dog!

The Meridian was built to carry dogs weighing up to fifteen pounds. It includes padded straps on the backpack, a mini leash inside to buckle up your pup, and a removable dog bed that fits perfectly inside.

This convertible carrier comes with multiple ways to carry it: wear it as a pet carrier backpack, or carry it as a tote, crossbody or shoulder bag; it even fastens onto the luggage handle of your suitcase!

Speaking of travel, flying with a small dog has never been easier. While the luggage pass feature works wonders in the airport, the dog carrier functions as an under the seat carry on for your flight. Your pup can cozy up in their comfy spot while the two of you take off!

We should probably mention how plenty of our customers have used the Meridian as a cat carrier backpack, too. So if you and your cat have places to be, know that the Meridian is a great option for felines and canines alike!

As both animal lovers and nature lovers, we wanted our pet carrier to protect the environment that we and our dogs so love to explore. The Meridian Dog Carrier is a sustainable choice as it’s made from 100% recycled materials, and each one diverts 38 plastic bottles form landfills and waterways!


The Meridian is sure to be your dog’s new favorite place, especially since it means they’re headed out the door with their person! Do the both of you a favor and grab a Meridian Dog Carrier today, then get out there and make some memories together! 

Happy Trails!
OllyDog Team

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