Little Tyke Bundle

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Product Overview 

The Meridian: The Meridian dog carrier allows you to comfortably bring your small dog with you on the go. Features include a tether for safety, removable fleece travel bed, and padded shoulder straps. The Meridian can be worn as a tote, backpack, or slide over the handle of your luggage. Made from recycled materials, holds up to 15lb dogs, and is TSA approved. 

Terrain Crinkle squeaky dog toy: Suitable for small dogs, the terrain crinkle toy features a built-in squeaker that creates fun sounds for your dog while chewing and playing.

The Ollybottle: This BPA-free and non-toxic plastic water bottle is great for slobber-free sharing between you and your pup. Simply remove the detachable bowl and pour water from your bottle into their bowl, then easily snap back into place when finished.


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