Travel Buddy Bundle 

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Product Overview 

Base Camp Travel Trunk: is made from high-tenacity, durable, recycled polyester fiber that easily stands up to outdoor elements and wear and tear. Extremely easy to use, it has a foldable, collapsible design with a pull-tag for grip, easy opening, and collapsing for storage. 

The Vagabond Travel Bed: is a soft, comfortable bed that can be used anywhere. Ultra-soft micro fleece will add warmth and comfort for your dog while holding up to clawing and scratches with its durable scratch-resistant features.

This Kibble Carrier: This food storage bag features a snap closure roll-top for keeping dog food secure and safe from unwanted pests and moisture, while hex-weave material and inside lining keeps your dog’s food fresh.

The Ollybottle: This BPA-free and non-toxic plastic water bottle is amazing for big adventures between you and your pup. This one attaches to your water bottle. Great for all dog sizes!

Adventure Fetch Toy: Made from natural, non-toxic durable rubber, the Adventure Fetch satisfies dogs' natural urges to chew and gnaw, featuring a low-frequency squeaker to help entice play.


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