Tilden Waterproof Leash

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Product Overview 

Our Tilden waterproof collection is made with OllyDog’s AquaGuard, a protective and durable coating that shields against the elements. Say goodbye to unwanted, wet dog smell, for AquaGuard holds anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties to leave the smell of the outdoors… outdoors. Cleaning is made easy with a gentle, dog-friendly soap and cloth, and requires no down-time to dry. If your dog’s skin gets easily irritated, don’t worry! Because the Tilden wicks away moisture, their neck won’t chafe after wearing the Tilden after a swim. So let your dog get wet- their collar will stay dry!

Additional Information

  • Soft, bendable, lightweight, durable and vegan
  • Waterproof with laminate coating
  • Sturdy aluminum leash attachment clip
  • Adjustable length from 4-6ft 
  • Tangle free, twisting prevention with 360 swivel clasp
  • Easy to clean in cold water with a pet-safe detergent, air dry

Sizing Information

  • Dimensions: 48" - 72" length