Tilden Waterproof Collar

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Product Overview 

The Tilden collar is a Vegan alternative to leather with classic styling. The collar is made in the USA, featuring a webbing core with a protective laminate coating to create a strong and waterproof seal so you can keep your pup’s specialty dog collar in pristine condition. The lightweight Side-release buckle is designed for ergonomic comfort and to quickly put on and off. Easy leash attachment with large D-ring on top of collar can rest assured your pooch is secure on his or her leash. The Tilden collar is available in in 3 sizes so no matter if you have a Great Dane or a Toy Poodle, you will find a suitable collar that fits just right, is super strong, and matches your dog’s hip style. Featuring a variety of bright colors accented with the waterproof and odor proof ability, this collar is the perfect choice for an all-day-wear!

Additional Information

  • Waterproof with laminate coating
  • Easily releasing plastic side-buckle
  • The collar to be lightweight, durable, vegan
  • The features an aluminum D-ring as a secure, easy to clip -to leash attachment point.
  •  Includes a silicon tag silencer
  •  Easy to clean, air dry.

Sizing Information

  • Small:      8.5" - 13" x 0.75" wide 
  • Medium: 13" - 21" x 1" wide
  • Large:       17" - 28" x 1" wide 


21 Reviews