• Olly Flinger

Olly Flinger


Product Overview 

The OllyDog Flinger is the ideal toy for playing fetch with your small furry friend. Designed with a 3-layer construction for durability, the Flinger has fly and float capabilities for playing on both land and water. Gentle on teeth and gums, it won't hurt or damage your dog's mouth, easy to pick it off the ground and made from a non-toxic materials, the Flinger is great for all activities from catch to training to tug-o-war! 
The Flinger is made from a durable, lightweight yet tough materials that float in water. This high-tenacity fiber will be able to withstand weathering from the outdoors. This material is non-toxic and safe for dogs. It also has a high resistance to fungi, bacteria, mold and mildew to keep your dog happy and healthy.

    Additional Information

    • 7" in diameter
    • Ideal for dogs 25 lbs and under
    • Made from durable, ultra-light, non-toxic nylon
    • Gently on teeth and gums
    • Weather-resistant 
    • Structured, easy grip nylon webbing rim
    • Hand-wash with mild detergent 
    • Air dry