Best Behavior Bundle 2

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Product Overview 

The Goodie Treat Bag: This bag offers hands-free training with quick access to treats. Made with recycled materials, the Goodie Treat Bag is water resistant and features a magnetic closure.

Scoop Pick Up Bag: Made from recycled materials, this bag fits standard rolls and can easily slide on or attach to any leash or belt; the ideal stash pocket for carrying and dispensing bags.

The Urban Trail Spring Leash: Features a padded handle for comfort and a traffic stop loop near the leash clip for quick & close restraint when needed. Our 360° swivel clasp helps prevent the leash from twisting and your dog getting tangled.

The Ollybottle: This BPA-free and non-toxic plastic water bottle is great for slobber-free sharing between you and your pup. Simply remove the detachable bowl and pour water from your bottle into their bowl, then easily snap back into place when finished.