New Tricks Bundle 

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Product Overview 

Backcountry Day Bag: Waste bags treats, and room for your phone to snap cute candid moments, hands-free training with quick access to everything you need. Featuring water-resistant fabric made from recycled materials, a zip closure, a waste bag dispenser, and a roomy interior, the bag can be clipped or worn around the waist with ease.

Scoop Pick Up Bag: No more rummaging for waste bags in your pockets! Slide the bag onto your dog’s leash or clip it to your belt for easy access. Made from recycled materials, the bag fits standard rolls and is the ideal stash pocket for carrying and dispensing bags.

The OllyBottle: simply removes the detachable bowl and pours water from your bottle, then easily snaps back into place when they’ve quenched their thirst. Our patented design is made from durable, lightweight, dishwasher safe, BPA-free plastic to keep you and your dog happy and healthy.