Tilden Collar and Leash Bundle Set, Red

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Product Overview 

  • WATERPROOF and ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: NEW PVC-based coated polyester material is smell-proof, waterproof Anti-Odor durable and easier to clean than regular collars; 100% Environmental Protection, if the collar gets dirty, just wipe it down with a cloth or paper towel and it will be good as new! Give your dogs more Refreshing. Perfect for your beach bound pooch or love water dogs.
  • DURABLE and STRONG: Innovative coated polyester material provides extra durability for even the most active dogs; stands up to all weather and all terrain but look and feel of leather
  • MADE FOR COMFORT: High quality PVC material make our collar is soft and bendable to provide extra comfort for your dogs
  • EASY CARE AND EASY CLEAN with a damp cloth to remove dirt: it is waterproof and smell-proof, OLLYDOG TILDEN LEASH retains its pristine appearance for the life of your dog

Sizing Information

  • Small : 8.5" - 13" x 0.75" " wide 
  • Medium : 13" - 21 x 1 " wide
  • Large : 17" - 28" x 1" wide 


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