10 Best Dog Gifts for Your Active Pup

10 Best Dog Gifts for Your Active Pup

Your dog is a member of the family, so they deserve a thoughtful gift to keep their tail wagging this holiday season.

Maybe it’s time to upgrade from the standard rawhide bone and stuffed animal from Santa they’ll chew through before the day is out.

At OllyDog, our pups are just as active as we are — which means they tend to go through outdoor dog gear pretty quickly. This season, get them durable dog leashes, travel bowls, and cool dog toys that’ll last them well after the holidays wear down.

If you’re shopping for the best gifts for dogs this holiday season, you’re in the right place. From durable, waterproof leashes and collars to the best dog water bottles and toys, here are our top picks for the best gifts for dogs.

1. Tilden Waterproof Leash

From trail blazing to morning runs, your dog needs a durable and comfortable dog leash for all their adventures.

Our best-selling Tilden Waterproof Leash is made with our patented AquaGuard, which coats the leash and protects it against the elements. That means no wet dog smells or strange slime from other dogs at the dog park. 

You and your pup will always be protected against bacteria and weather with this sturdy leash. It’s soft, bendable, and easy for you to hold, too — which makes all the difference when your dog gets a little too excited to see a neighborhood squirrel.

Get this long-lasting dog leash in 4 vibrant colors >

2. Tilden Waterproof Collar

Your dog wears their collar pretty much all day, so having a comfortable collar is essential.

For active dogs, the Tilden Waterproof Collar can handle dirt, mud, and anything they pick up when they jump in that creek at the dog park. Cleaning is a breeze, and you’ll never have to wait for it to dry out.

Just like our Tilden Waterproof Leash, this dog collar is durable with laminate coating to wick away moisture and keep your dog comfortable all day.

Shop this lightweight dog collar for your energetic pup >

3. The OllyBottle

It can be a challenge making sure your dog stays hydrated when you’re out and about. The OllyBottle dog water bottle easily allows you to remove a detachable bowl to pour water from the bottle wherever you are.

When your pup is done slurping, you can easily snap the bowl back onto the bottle and get back to chasing squirrels in the park. Vegan, non-toxic, and dishwasher safe, this is the perfect gift for dogs (and people) who need some water for their favorite outdoor activities.

Keep your dog hydrated with the OllyBottle > 

4. BARK Beach Day Kit

Every dog loves a good day at the beach. Prepare them for the ultimate beach day with a BARK Beach Day Kit with everything they need to enjoy the sun and catch some waves.

With an easily packable carrying case, you’ll have a doggy towel, a ball, and a small bowl for water and snacks. For more fun, you can throw a few beach toys in the bag for a day of nonstop fun.

Take your dog to the beach and keep their things organized and sand-free > 

5. Goodie Treat Bag

Every dog can be a good dog with the best dog training treat bag!

You can get your dog’s attention quickly by pulling out a treat (or 2) from the small but spacious pouch that clips easily onto your belt clip or bag. This allows for hands-free training and will help your dog behave wherever you go.

Add this water-resistant treat bag to your cart for the holidays >

6. Wüfers Advent Cookie Calendar

Your dog has never been this excited for Christmas!

An Advent Cookie Calendar gives them healthy dog treats leading up to Christmas. The treats are homemade with locally-sourced ingredients so you can trust they’re healthy for your dog.

Your dog will love this advent calendar so much, they’ll be a little sad when the holidays are over. But that’s okay — there’s always next year!

Include your dog in holiday traditions with a dog-friendly cookie calendar >

7. Ollydog Bundle

Sometimes it’s nice to spoil your canine companions. It’s even better when the dog gifts help you be a better dog owner, too!

Our Only Treats Bundle is perfect for dog owners on-the-go. Including a Backcountry Day Bag, Flyer Disk, and an OllyBottle, you’re all set for a big day out at the dog park or a walk to the local brewery with your dog.

With versatility and comfort, store only what you need for the day and get going on an epic adventure.

Grab a bundle for all your dog gear needs this holiday >

8. Base Camp Travel Trunk

As an active dog owner, lugging around you and your dog’s outdoor gear for a long camping weekend or day hike can be exhausting.

The Ollydog Base Camp Travel Trunk is your solution to transporting dog toys, treats, and outdoor dog gear to and from adventures.

It’s lightweight enough for easy trips to the dog park and durable enough for long weekends in the mountains. Made with recycled material it’s easy to collapse down when you’re not using it.

To clean it, just wash it with pet-safe detergent and let it air dry.

Shop for the ideal packable dog container >

9. Doggy Sleeping Bag

Nothing’s worse than shivering in your tent when trying to fall asleep while camping. That discomfort goes for your pup, too!

The Vegapop Dog Sleeping Bag is the perfect accessory for outdoor trips and adventures. With breathable and durable fabric, it’ll keep your dog warm all day and night in your tent, hotel room, or car camper.

Bonus: it folds up for easy carrying.

Give your dog the gift of comfort with a doggy sleeping bag >

10. Backcountry Day Bag

Gone are the days of rummaging around in your backpack for dog poop bags, treats, and dog toys.

The Backcountry Day Bag is perfect for storing all your dog’s (and your) needs for a day on the trail. The waste bag dispenser is convenient for picking up after your dog at a moment’s notice and there’s plenty of room to store your phone, keys, and wallet.

Keep your items secure and accessible with our favorite dog day bag >

Get Your Dog the Gift They’ve Always Wanted

Your dog can’t tell you what they want for Christmas this year, but you’ll know right away when their tail starts wagging that they’ll love any of these amazing dog gifts.

If it’s time to upgrade your dog gear, collar, or leash, or if you’re just looking to be a little more stylish when you take your pup to the dog park, this year, look no further. All our OllyDog products are built to get the most out of good (and bad) weather days with your active dog.

Shop for your dog for waterproof leashes, collars, dog toys, and more >

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