About Us

Our Roots

In 2005 a handful of Sierra Design designers set out to develop a better line of dog accessories for outdoor enthusiasts. The goal was to create quality dog gear that held up to the forces of nature while also respecting the playground that is the great outdoors. Over the years, they kept their promise by following three key components: durability, functionality, and smart design.

OllyDog has gained a loyal following of dog lovers who crave to explore the deep wilderness, reach the highest peak and swim in magnificent waters. While OllyDog is made for dogs who love their people, it’s also made for people who love their planet.

In 2018, Sherpani, a leader in sustainable bags for women, acquired OllyDog with the intent on making it the first pet branding using only recycled and repurposed materials, without losing its heritage for durability and design.

 Woman and dog on trail with dog accessories


Soon after the acquisition of OllyDog, Sherpani applied its Blue Verve Project principals to the OllyDog branded products.

Blue Verve is an initiative founded in 2009 when the founders of Sherpani took their 2 daughters on a sailing trip to the outer Abacos Islands. They were stunned by the amount of plastic found on uninhabited beaches.

By Spring 2019 all OllyDog sewn products have been converted to PET Recycled yarns, and in 2020, OllyDog converted all of its webbing, used it in collars and leashes, to fully recycled nylon.

Today, OllyDog is working with its webbing supplier to develop the Rescue Collection, a line of collars and leashes, that are made from scrap nylon threads that would otherwise be sent to a landfill. This new webbing uses 100% waste and is as strong and soft as original nylon webbing.

When using scrap thread, the resulting color is a beautiful blend of unpredictable pigments and each production run is different from the next; this gives the products a special, unique look and a sense of exclusivity. This new process can save 1 million tons of nylon from entering landfills each year.

Recycled Yarn Graphic