"The OllyBottle"


Debatably the most innovative product on the dog market. Patented and designed by experts, this clever accessory is not only a water bottle for you but also a bowl for your best pal. 


The OllyBottle is the best solution for you and your dog to share water on the go. Simply remove the detachable bowl and pour water from your bottle into their bowl. Then easily snap back the bowl back into place.

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Our pattended design is fully BPA free, dishwasher safe and made from EastmanTritan plastic. Use anywhere and everywhere with peace-of-mind knowing all OllyDog products are non-toxic and safe for your pet.

USA Made

Ollydog features two collections that are USA made: The Tilden and the Downtown. 

All of the Tilden products feature the very unique OllyFlex textile. Ollyflex is an innovative, vegan material made in Ridgeville, Ohio USA. 

OllyDog also has created the Downtown collection that feature French materials, constructed in the USA. 

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The Tilden features the unique OllyFlex textile. Ollyflex doesn't absorb water, it is more durable than webbing; it's easy to clean and is stink-proof.

OllyFlex is a great alternative to leather but it won't crack, break or lose its color. Our OllyFlex collars and leashes remain flexible and durable even in freezing temperatures and will not cause hot spots on your pet. The OllyFlex collars and leashes are latex free and non-toxic, so your little buddy stays safe and happy. 

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