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Camping with Dogs this Summer? Dog Camping Checklist (+ New Gear is Here!)

Camping with Dogs this Summer? Dog Camping Checklist (+ New Gear is Here!)
Camping Season is in Full Swing!

There is nothing better than time spent in the great outdoors... except for doing so with your dog by your side! With outdoorsy people come outdoorsy pooches (our favorite kind). At OllyDog, we believe your dog deserves high-quality camping gear, just like you do.

Dog Camping Checklist

Use this checklist to make sure no doggie camping essentials get left behind!

  1. Water. The number one camping essential for you both. When in doubt, bring more than you think you need! Here are our suggested (generous) amounts: For people, 2 gallons per adult per day. For dogs, 3 oz of water per pound of body weight per day. (Don't forget your OllyBottle!)
  2. Food. Covering the camping basics includes meal prep for humans and dogs alike. Continue your dog's regular eating schedule when camping.
  3. Toys. Your dog will probable think nature is full of toys, but not everything is safe to play with! Bring some of your dog's favorite toys from home to ensure they stay entertained and away from dangers like pinecones.
  4. Treats. While the s'mores are just for you, it's nice to bring along some tasty treats that are dog-friendly. Raw carrots are classic puppy pleasers! If you want to cook something on the fire, a sweet potato is a safe option, just make sure it's cool enough before giving it to your pup!
  5. Poop bags. "Leave no trace" doesn't only apply to humans! Don't forget this doggie essential so we can keep the great outdoors clean. (Pro tip: use a day pack with a built-in waste bag dispensers to make this extra easy.)
  6. Flea & Tick prevention. Here is a reminder that exploring with your furry friend does make them more susceptible to bugs. Make sure your dog is up to date on their flea & tick medicine before camping.
  7. Sleeping gear. Make sure your pup is properly set up for those camping nights. You can learn more about this by scrolling down. 😉
  8. Collar, leash, & harness! The best collars and leashes for camping with dogs are durable, lightweight, and weather-resistant.

Bring on the adventure!

In OllyDog News...

We recently dropped three new products; all designed to ensure your dog is one happy camper! Read on to learn the ins-and-outs of the latest OllyDog gear.


Meet the Journey Car Seat Cover

We love to camp, but we also know how messy it can get. We made the Journey Car Seat Cover to keep the mess to a minimum during your adventures.

The backseat cover is compatible with the most vehicle sizes and has adjustable straps to ensure the best fit. It was designed for easy installation and removal that won't slow you down. Use the seat protector to keep your seat free of dirt, sand, hair, and more. So go ahead and let them roll in the mud (that's peak doggie bliss, right there).

The Journey Car Seat Cover is convenient, effective, and durable. Did we mention it's also completely waterproof?

Check out this mess-free camping solution.


Meet the Ridgeway Travel Bed

When it comes to camping with a dog, a durable and water-resistant dog bed is a must. The Ridgeway Travel Bed is that and more! 

With a packable design made for outdoor use, this lightweight bed is easy to bring along anywhere; roll the bed up and secure it with the attached buckle for compact packing. After a day of exploring, your dog will love to get cozy on the super soft microfleece of this camping dog bed.

When it comes to post-camp care, the design is easy to clean: hand-wash in cold water with a pet safe detergent and air dry.

Put OllyDog's latest travel bed to the test!


Meet the Meeker Sleeping Bag

Last but certainly not least is the Meeker Sleeping Bag! The perfectly cozy way for your dog to end to a day of adventure.

In OllyDog's home state of Colorado, even summer nights can get chilly. Keep your pup happy and warm with this doggy sleeping bag! It's water-resistant, durable, and made from lightweight materials. Plus, it's downright adorable! What's not to love?

Features include zippers and drawstrings to properly tuck in your pup, and a matching case with carrying handle for convenience.

Are you ready to be jealous of your dog's camping style?


Here's to Happy Campers!

Summer is far from over, and we can help you and your dog to make the most of it! Whether your style is car camping or backcountry exploring, OllyDog gear is here to support you on any adventure.

Happy Camping!
The OllyDog Team

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