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OllyDog Gift Guide: Gifts to Make Their Tail Wag!

OllyDog Gift Guide: Gifts to Make Their Tail Wag!

With the holidays right around the corner, it's time to start making our lists and checking them twice. Although–we already know our dogs are getting gifts, regardless of naughty or nice! Whether your pup is a pampered pooch that prefers quiet walks in the park or a roll-in-the-mud kinda trail dog, we’ve got you covered!

Here are 7 tail-waggin’ gifts for our four-legged friends. The best part? All of these products are made from recycled, non-toxic, vegan materials–for the pup that wants to save the planet!


1. Goodie Treat Bag

OllyDog Goodie Treat Bag

Of all the important things we do for our dogs, “snack provider” definitely ranks as one of their favorites! The Goodie Treat Bag makes carrying your dog's all-important treats and snacks super easy. It has a wide, easy-open top for grabbing treats and a secure, zippered side pocket for carrying other small items. 

This water-resistant treat bag is made from recycled materials and comes in a variety of colors. It has two hands-free carrying options–an adjustable belt or an easy-to-attach clip. The Goodie Treat Bag is perfect for training sessions, walks, hikes, or just about any adventure with your furry friend.


2. Flyer Disc

OllyDog Flyer Disc

If your dog loves a good game of fetch, the Flyer Disc will be their new favorite toy! This lightweight, packable frisbee is made from soft recycled materials that won’t crack or break like traditional frisbees. It is durable enough to stand up to tough bites yet easy on your dog's teeth and gums. 

The Flyer Disc comes in multiple colors and patterns and makes a great gift for medium to large-sized dogs. The flexible material means this disc can also double as a tug-of-war toy. It also floats for water games and is easy to clean.


3. Vagabond Travel Bed

OllyDog Vagabond Travel Bed

Whether at the campsite, trailhead, or just lounging on the patio, the Vagabond Travel Bed gives your dog a comfortable place to rest. This bed is soft and cozy yet lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. The nylon shell is water-resistant and easily holds up to muddy paws. 

Its rollable design and compression bag make it a breeze for owners to throw in their daypack and unroll whenever your dog needs a break!


4. Tilden Waterproof Collar & Leash Bundle

OllyDog Tilden Waterproof Dog Collar

For the adventure-loving dog that loves to swim in lakes, splash in creeks, and is a little too comfortable in the mud, the Tilden Waterproof Collar and Leash is a win-win. This collar and leash duo comes in multiple colors and sizes and is adjustable. The special AquaGuard coating makes them waterproof, quick dry, odor resistant, and easy to clean.

Dogs can enjoy more impromptu swims and mid-hike rolls in the mud. Owners can rejoice in no more soggy collars and dreaded wet dog smells!


5. OllyBottle

OllyBottle Travel Dog Water Bottle and Bowl

It’s important to keep our pups hydrated, especially when outdoors. The OllyBottle is the perfect hiking water bottle for both you and your dog. No more carrying multiple bottles and bowls. A pop-out bowl attachment gives your thirsty pup a separate place to drink from while keeping your water drool free! 

The OllyBottle is durable, non-toxic, and BPA-free. It comes in two sizes and a kaleidoscope of fun colors. It’s perfect for hiking, travel, park days, or anywhere you bring your dog.


6. Meridian Dog Carrier

OllyDog Meridian Travel Dog Carrier

For smaller dogs that are eager to explore but don’t have the stamina (or longer legs!) of their larger canine cousins, the Meridian Dog Carrier offers the best of both worlds.  Your petite pup will get all the sights, sounds, and smells of nature while being safely tucked away in this lightweight, breathable carrier.

The Meridian Dog Carrier is adjustable in four different ways. It can be worn as a backpack, shoulder bag, crossbody, or tote bag. It’s TSA approved and perfect for both travel and outdoor activities for dogs under 15 pounds. 


7. Alpine Reflective Harness

OllyDog Alpine Reflective Dog Harness

For the ultimate adventure dog, the Alpine Reflective Harness will keep your favorite hiking buddy safe and secure, whether trekking trails or climbing mountains. This harness is reflective for increased visibility and padded for your dog’s comfort. It’s also durable and easy to clean.

The Alpine Reflective Harness is made from recycled materials and comes in a variety of colors and sizes. It has two leash attachment points, and a top handle for lift assistance on tough climbs. 


Not Sure Which Gift To Choose?

Not sure which gift is best for your friend’s rambunctious Rottweiler, your uncle’s sassy Shepherd, or your coworker’s cheerful Corgi? 

An OllyDog Gift Card allows your friend or family member to choose the best item for their pet. You can choose any denomination from $15 to $200, so they can pick out their own tail-waggin’ gift!

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Written by Lauren Rey, October 2022

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