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OllyDog Product Spotlight: NEW OllyToys!

A dog playing with the Waffle Ball OllyToy

Big news, dog people!

A woman holding her dog in the woods. The dog is smiling with its eyes closed.

OllyDog has just dropped three new dog toys! Whether your dog likes to fetch, chew or tug, we have a new OllyToy that will make them go wild. Are the playful pups of the world ready? Read on to learn more about our three latest designs.

Number One: The Spikey Rugby

The Spikey Rugby chew toy was designed for dogs that love to chew and tug. It's crafted from a soft, all-natural rubber that is safe to chew and won't damage your dog's teeth. In fact, this toy's spikey surface helps clean your dog's teeth and gums. It's pain-free dental care incorporated into play. The Spikey Rugby will keep your dog happy and healthy - our kind of toy!

The Spikey Rugby toy by OllyDog

The Spikey Rugby is complete with a rope handle. The rope makes for easy throwing and provides a grip for those intense tug-o-war matches! This durable dog toy is intended for light to moderate chewers and is a good option for dogs of any size. It comes in our cool Lime color that is easy to spot, so you can take it anywhere!

Number Two: The Waffle Ball

Our new Waffle Ball is a great toy for curious pups. The Waffle Ball is durable and versatile: your dog can fetch, roll or chew! Made from our non-toxic and all-natural rubber, the Waffle Ball is safe for dogs with any teeth size.

The Waffle Ball toy by OllyDog

Where the Waffle Ball really shines is its hollow design. This is so you can fill the ball with toys or treats, creating a puzzle for your dog! Just like us, dogs benefit from being mentally active. Adding this extra layer of stimulation to their play is a great way to help them learn and explore; it can also keep them entertained for a bit when you're unable to give them attention.

The Waffle Ball is intended for light to moderate chewers and dogs of any size. It comes in our festive Fiesta color that makes for excellent visibility in grass, sand or snow.

Number Three: The Happy Camper Ball

A classic, solid rubber ball that is here to appease the eager fetchers of the world! The Happy Camper Ball is ultra-durable and built to hold up to aggressive chewers. If you have a dog that never (ever!) tires of playing fetch, this is the toy for you.

The Happy Camper Ball by OllyDog

The Happy Camper Ball is made from our safe, all-natural rubber. The tough material provides maximum bounce for maximum fun! It's not just for use on land, either. The Happy Camper Ball is an excellent water toy! Your dog can chase it off the dock or into the surf. It comes in our fun Mango color, so you can see it in the water as easily as you can on land.

C'mon, throw it again!


Two adorable puppies run toward the camera with their tongues out


The new OllyToys are for you to engage your dog in impactful playtime. Your dog deserves high-quality toys that will match their activity level and energy. Shop the above designs to not only spoil your pup, but to keep their mind active and their tail wagging!

Thanks for reading the OllyBlog! We know your good boy or girl is in excellent hands! 💚

The OllyDog Team

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