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Roundup: Favorite Dog Names

Roundup: Favorite Dog Names

One of the many joys of bringing home a new dog is picking out a name for your precious new pup! It can often take some time to learn their personality and find the right name that suits them.

Does your dog have a big, bold personality like a Balto or Brutus, or perhaps, they are quieter and more reserved like Grace or Clancy? Is your dog large and in charge like a Tank or Goliath or a tiny, timid pup like a Petunia or Cupcake? Of course, you can never go wrong with an adorable classic like Max or Lady. 

If you’re looking for something a little different, here’s a roundup of some unique, fun, and even quirky dog names for your new four-legged friend!

Floral Dog Names

Image of a dog named Maisy laying in grass

Does your puppy have a sweet soul that would be well suited for a floral name? Take some inspiration from nature with these floral and botanical dog names!

  • Violet
  • Poppy
  • Petal
  • Meadow
  • Dahlia
  • Willow
  • Freesia
  • Indigo
  • Sage
  • Clover
  • Pine
  • Chive
  • Sassafras
  • Ren
  • Sprout
  • Maisy

Food Dog Names

A brown dog named Cocoa wearing the OllyDog Tilden Waterproof collar and Alpine Reflective Harness

Food-related names are always fun, and there are so many to choose from! Maybe your dog resembles a certain candy or has a personality as sweet as pie! Or, perhaps you are a chef or someone who loves to bake. Check out these fun food-related names that can suit any dog!

  • Cherry
  • Cocoa
  • Sugar
  • Macaroni
  • Mango
  • Boba
  • Smuckers
  • Pesto
  • Pickles
  • Cannoli
  • Tofu
  • Miso
  • Eggroll
  • Wonton
  • Waffles
  • Pepper
  • Olive
  • Basil
  • Cashew
  • Clementine
  • Tamale
  • Taco
  • Dorito
  • Sprinkles
  • Stout
  • Noodle
  • Mochi

Fun Dog Names

Is your new pup a silly goose? Are they constantly making you laugh with their goofy antics? Here are some fun names for the lighthearted dog that doesn't take things too seriously!

  • Pepe
  • Chompers
  • Fifi
  • Bam Bam
  • Wizard
  • Wiggles
  • Butters
  • Captain
  • Nugget
  • Goofy
  • Zippity
  • Nutter Butter
  • Gremlin
  • Dizzy
  • Nibblets
  • Olly!

Spirited Dog Names

Do you have a wild child on your hands? A high-energy breed that loves to run amuck? Here are some high-spirited names to complement their rambunctious personality!

  • Ruckus
  • Chaos
  • Bolt
  • Goose
  • Indiana Jones
  • Jet
  • Dash
  • Cyclone
  • Zoomy
  • Rocket
  • Rowdy Rhonda
  • Wildling
  • Frantic Fred
  • Wreck-it Ralph
  • Ursula

Distinguished Dog Names

Image of a dog named Arlo on a hike with the OllyBottle

Is your dog a distinguished gentleman who looks dapper in a bowtie or a sassy little princess who carries herself with nobility? Try these proper but not too serious names on for size!

  • Kensington
  • Arlo
  • Jewels
  • Sir Wagglesworth
  • Porter
  • Franklin
  • Queenie
  • Ruby
  • Fredrick
  • Mr. Bones
  • Madame 
  • Pippa
  • Rupert
  • Mr. Biscuit
  • Good Golly Miss Molly
  • Moira Rose
  • Sophie

Travel-Inspired Dog Names

Image of. dog named Taos wearing the OllyDog Urban Journey Reflective Collar while chewing on a stick

Have a case of wanderlust? Perhaps you just adopted your new road trip buddy. If you and your dog love to explore new places, here are some travel-inspired names that will have you ready to roam!

  • Compass
  • Isla
  • Dublin
  • Brooklyn
  • Fresno
  • Amalfi
  • Santiago
  • Albany
  • Rio
  • Yuma
  • Roadie
  • Trekker
  • Nomad
  • Taos
  • Camper
  • Bali

Pop Culture Dog Names

Who doesn't love a good binge-watch sesh? Especially with your new pup by your side. Wanna name your dog after a superhero or tv character? While plenty of dogs are already named Jon Snow and Eleven (and those are great names!), here are some other television-inspired names to consider for your new four-legged friend!

  • Brienne of Tarth
  • Sneaky Pete
  • Hawkeye
  • Chibs
  • Lagertha
  • Jessica Jones
  • Michonne
  • Sandor
  • Magna
  • Dexter
  • Torvi
  • Negan
  • Bruce Banner
  • Chandler
  • Ellie

Big Dog Names

Image of a dog named Sophie wearing the OllyDog Alpine Reflective Harness while on a walk

Just adopted a quite sizable canine companion? Even more to love! Here are some big names for big dogs that steal our hearts and our couches!

  • Big Mac
  • Hulk
  • Baloo
  • Cookie Monster
  • Chunk
  • Bruno
  • Yukon
  • Big Bertha
  • Moose
  • Baroness
  • Bon Bon
  • Freya
  • Titus
  • Whopper
  • King Kong

Small Dog Names 

Image of dog named Riggs laying on the OllyDog Vagabond Travel bed

Just brought home a pint-sized pooch? What they lack in size, they usually make up for in personality. Here are some names for small dogs with big hearts!

  • Cheerio
  • Chickpea
  • Pip
  • Roo
  • Dolly
  • Wink
  • Petit Monsieur
  • Fritz
  • Trinket
  • Dottie
  • Riggs
  • Little Lou
  • Elf
  • Tater Tot
  • Suzu
  • Yam

Once you’ve picked out a name, don’t forget to get your new furry friend an ID tag with their name and your contact information. Need a new collar or leash? Shop the OllyDog Collar & Leash Collection to outfit your new pup with everything they need!

Here’s to new adventures with your new pup!

Written by Lauren Rey, March 2023

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