What Dog Breeds Matches Your Personality

What Dog Breeds Matches Your Personality

When it comes to dogs, every breed has its own unique personality traits and quirks! Do you and your dog have similar personalities? Are you looking for a dog that shares some of your personality traits? 

As fellow dog lovers, we know how important furry friends are in the family. Their fun and playful personalities bring so much joy and excitement to life.

Are you ready to find out which dog breed matches your personality? Keep reading to find out now!

Chihuahua – Sassy, Charming & Vocal

A proud chihuahua standing in field


Chihuahuas; big personality in a small body. Here's to our chatty Kathys!  This breed loves to bark and be heard but does it all with charm and grace. Beyond being the life of the party, this breed is brilliant and is known for being loyal to its owners and family. Their charming vibe and big dog attitude allow them to get away with probably more mischief than they should. However, their irresistible personality wins us over every time! 

Let's find out if Chihuahua matches your personality! Answer yes to these questions, and your personality is most certainly a Chihuahua!

  • Do you have a high energy level? 
  • Do you like to talk a lot? 
  • Do you have a sassy attitude?


Golden Retriever – Friendly, Sweet & Fun

A Golden Retriever sitting on a beach

Beautiful and a true sweetheart, Golden Retrievers are full of love and know how to brighten everyone's day. Goldens fiercely care for others, making them excellent guide dogs, emotional therapy dogs, and fantastic family pets. 

While this breed has abundant energy, a Golden Retriever knows when to be gentle. Their childlike wonder and friendly behavior last far into adulthood and their senior years. 

Let's find out if a Golden Retriever matches your personality! Answer yes to these questions, and your personality is a Golden Retriever! 

  • Do you make friends easily? 
  • Are you always looking for a way to brighten the mood? 
  • Are you always on the go?


Yorkshire Terrier – Talkative, Affectionate & Energetic

A Yorkshire Terrier standing on the grass and smiling

Feisty and energetic, the Yorkshire Terrier attracts everyone with its beauty while impressing the crowds with their brave and bossy behavior. If you are the boss of your house, this dog breed has a matching attitude. 

They are excellent watchdogs and protect their territory as well as their family. Don't be fooled by their small stature; you don't want to mess with this breed! This breed takes charge but is also highly loyal and protects the ones closest to them. They are excellent companion dogs with prominent personalities. 

Let's find out if a Yorkshire Terrier matches your personality! Answer yes to these questions, and your personality is certainly a Yorkshire Terrier!

  • Would you consider yourself the boss? 
  • Do you have a feisty attitude? 
  • Do you have a heart for protecting those around you?


Bulldog  - Calm, Courageous & Dignified

A cute bulldog standing in some green grass

Calm and in control of every situation, the Bulldog shows off their courage in a quiet but powerful way. This breed has a gentlemen-like behavior and is a smooth operator. 

The Bulldog knows how to take time for themselves and love curling up next to their owners and relaxing daily. This breed is easy to love, and although they may look tough on the outside, when it comes down to it- they are truly teddy bears. Their easy-going personality lets them go with the flow and offers plenty of cuddles. 

The Bulldog matches your personality if you answer yes to the following questions: 

  • Does your perfect day involve binge-watching your favorite TV show? 
  • Do you love being goofy and offering comfort to those around you? 
  • Are you easy-going? 


German Shepherd – Intelligent, Loyal & Protective

A German Shepherd trotting along a trail

Protective and loyal, the German Shepherd takes pride in showing off their agility and takes on the role of protector for their family and friends. This dedicated dog breed is by its owner's side through everything in life. 

This breed is highly emotionally intelligent and has a knack for knowing just when you need them. They are fiercely loyal and compassionate and learn how to bring your spirits up when feeling down. German Shepherds will never leave your side, and their commitment to their relationships is perhaps their most admired quality!

Let's find out if a German Shepherd matches your personality! Answer yes to these questions, and your personality is a German Shepherd!

  • Will you give everything you have to protect those closest to you? 
  • Do you fall in love quickly and deeply? 
  • Do you have a kind, gentle side hidden under a tough exterior?


Each dog breed is so loveable for a different reason; we know that life wouldn't be the same without our furry friends! Be sure to share with us which dog breed matches your personality best on Instagram!

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