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OllyDog Product Spotlight: The OllyBottle!

The OllyBottle by OllyDog, slobber-free water sharing system

As avid adventurers and residents of Boulder, Colorado, we know the importance of staying hydrated. With warmer weather on the horizon, we don't blame you for getting excited about all the outdoor fun you and your dog will embark on this year (see what we did there?).

Bad puns aside, we have the solution to keep you and your pup hydrated on every adventure! In this product spotlight, we are sharing OllyDog's patented design, the OllyBottle.

The OllyBottle is a slobber-free, water-sharing system for you and your pup! The unique design includes a detachable dog bowl that easily snaps onto the water bottle. You simply pop off the bowl, pour some water inside, and give your dog a drink without contaminating your own water supply.

We've all offered our dogs some water only to sacrifice our own thirst after watching them repeatedly lick the mouthpiece of our bottle. Of course, we love our dogs, but their backwash? Not so much. Use the OllyBottle and share water, not slobber.

What we really love about the OllyBottle is that it's all one piece. No more cumbersome packing that includes a separate dog bowl or their own water supply. The OllyBottle has a lightweight design that provides a convenient way to carry and a sanitary way to share.

Quality material is very important to us at OllyDog. The OllyBottle is made from non-toxic, recycled, BPA-free plastic; it is made to keep you both happy and healthy! When it comes to cleaning and care, the OllyBottle is dishwasher-safe and backed by OllyDog's product lifetime warranty.

The OllyBottle comes in two sizes. The smaller, 600-ml size is perfect for daily walks, and the larger 1-liter OllyBottle is ideal for hiking, long walks, or hot daysIt is available in five fun OllyDog colors: Plum, Grass, Grey, Ocean, and Flame!

Treat yourself and your four-legged friend to a better way to share, or gift a new puppy parent this OllyDog essential! Stay safe on the trail, and remember, always keep water on hand.

Shop the OllyBottle and level up your adventures!

Happy Trails!
The OllyDog Team

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