5 Ways To Keep Your Canine Friend Cool This Summer

5 Ways To Keep Your Canine Friend Cool This Summer

Summer is here and we're keen to make the most of the hot, sunny weather. To help keep your dog cool & comfortable, we’ve compiled some tips and accessories that’ll help make your summertime adventures easier!


H20 on the go

In hot weather, it's critical that your canine buddies drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. The OllyBottle is the perfect solution to help you and your dog stay hydrated. The OllyBottle has a detachable bowl that makes sharing water, not slobber, easy!


Cool Off Outdoors

Dog Accessories

As temperatures peak, sometimes your best bet is to head for the nearest lake, river, or beach. The Tilden collar is waterproof, anti-bacterial, and odor proof, making it a great choice for dogs that swim. Does your dog love retrieving toys ? Bring the fun of fetch to the water with the floating Flyer disc.


Treat Time

Goodie Treat Bag

Who doesn’t love a treat on a hot summer day? Easily stash some treats for your dog in the Goodie treat bag. This way they can enjoy their favorite treat while you enjoy yours!


Walk Wisely

Dog Collars and Leash

The summer sun heats up sidewalks quickly which can be damaging to your dog’s paws. Beat the heat by walking early in the morning or during the evening. There may be lower light during these hours so using reflective gear can increase your dog’s visibility. The Urban Journey collection and the Alpine harness have reflective striping to help increase your dog’s safety


Made in the shade

Whether you’re going on a walk or playing in the backyard, make sure to take breaks in the shade and have water available. Shop all of OllyDog’s accessories to find the perfect gear for your dog. Plus, check out our new product bundle that includes two of our favorite summertime accessories!

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