Protect our Playground

Protect our Playground

You and your dog have a lot in common – no,  not bad breath – a love of the outdoors! At OllyDog, we love seeing our four-legged friend’s ears perk up when we grab the leash and say “walk?”.  Whether your adventures take you around the neighborhood or camping in the backcountry, getting some fresh air is one of the best ways to spend quality time together. That’s why OllyDog is partnering with Blue Verve Project to protect our playground. Together, we can all take steps that keep nature pristine for future pups and people to enjoy.

Going Farther Together

Working together, we can make more progress than working alone.  After all, it takes a whole team of huskies to pull a dog sled!  Although OllyDog is born and bred in Boulder, Colorado, over a thousand miles from the ocean, Blue Verve Project reminds us that our actions upstream have a direct impact on the environments downstream of us.  They’re on a mission to eliminate ocean plastic pollution, and we’re on a mission to use as much recycled and repurposed material in our products as possible.  We think responsible pet ownership is more than picking up doggie waste, it’s also about reducing our own waste.

OllyDog’s Recycled and Rescue collections offer you and your pup responsible dog products that are safe for you and the planet.  Made with non-toxic dyes and recycled materials, OllyDog’s harnesses, leashes, collars, and bags divert material that otherwise heads to the landfill.   

rescue fabric infographic


Our signature Rescue Collection products are an especially unique and beautiful example of how waste can be rescued from the trash and transformed into high quality leashes and collars. The nylon webbing is created from cutting scraps that wind up on the factory floor, bound for the trash. These wasted fabric scraps are swept up and turned into nylon threads that are woven to create unique webbing for brand new multi-colored leashes and collars. Our strong and durable webbing can be repurposed up to ten times - that's a lot of material saved! This process can divert one million pounds of nylon scrap from being wasted every year.

What makes these repurposed collars even more special is that every production has a unique color combination that will never be repeated.  Check out the current color options here.

How You Can Help

Beyond choosing responsible products, there are tons of other ways you can be an eco-conscious pet-owner.  Reducing the amount of single-use plastic you throw away is a great way to be a little kinder to the planet.

walking dog through sunflowers

Sophie, one of our most adorable pals, is happy her owner eliminated the plastic bags from your travel routine by packing all of the kibble and treats you need into the durable and convenient kibble carrier. Did you know that our kibble carriers are made from recycled water bottles? 7 bottles go into each carrier! That’s 7 plastic bottles that you’re taking out of the waste stream and using to replace single-use plastic bags. A win-win!

What are some of the ways that you and your dog live sustainably? Share your green tips for us in the comments below!

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