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Five Fun and Affordable Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day (August 26)

A dog wearing sunglasses

National Dog Day is around the corner! Back in 2004, August 26th was selected as the official day to celebrate our four-legged friends and the joy they bring (as if we needed the excuse). Since August is already upon us, we thought we’d get the dog day party started by delivering some silly ways to celebrate. Let’s dive in!

Number One: Doggie Donation

A puppy staring at the camera

Who could say no to those puppy dog eyes? Today is a great day to make a small donation to your local animal shelter; even five dollars can make a difference. If you have a rescue dog, this is a wonderful homage to the shelter that once cared for them. If your dog didn’t come from a shelter, donating to any dog-related cause is still a wonderful way to show your support. From the Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund to Guide Dogs for the Blind, there are so many ways to support the dogs of the world.

Number Two: Treat Yourself to a Pet Camera

A dog home alone stares at the pet camera

Installing an at-home pet camera is a surefire way to celebrate your dog! In addition to the convenience of always being able to check in, this gift includes a lifetime of laughter over what your dog gets up to when you’re not home. Wondering what is the best pet camera on the market? We love the affordable and user-friendly Wyze Cam v3. A pet camera is a must for every dog-lover, it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Number Three: Spa Day Paw Day

A dog in the bathtub

Doggie spa day anyone? There are many ways you can pamper your pooch that does't require the expense of a groomer. Bathtime can be fun for water-loving dogs, affection seekers will relish the attention of a doggie massage, or a refined pedicure could show some love to an older, patient pooch.

Number Four: Play the Essence Game with Dogs

A dog wearing glasses sitting at a desk reading a magazine

The Essence Game is guessing game that celebrates the personality of different pups. It's simple enough and requires two or more human players. One person acts as the "Thinker" and chooses a dog that is familiar to everyone playing. The other players then ask the Thinker questions that hint at the dog’s “essence” in order to guess the dog.

Example questions:

If this dog was a type of weather, what would it be?

If this dog was a different type of pet, which pet would it be?

If this dog was a musical instrument, which one would it be?

You’ll be entertained and amazed by this exercise. Because the game is a bit abstract, it sometimes works better with animal subjects than it does with people or characters!

Number Five: Spread the Puppy Love

A dog laying on the floor and making a silly face wearing sunglasses

We have all discovered the bottomless rabbit hole of funny pet videos on the internet, and chances are you have a few standout favorites. Send a silly dog video to a friend you’ve been meaning to reconnect with and spread that puppy love! Bonus points for sending a video of your own pooch. If you don’t have much footage of your dog, we’ll just drop that link again for the pet camera. Hint hint.

Lean into the fun of National Dog Day with one or all five of these ideas. Of course, browsing OllyDog products couldn’t hurt if you want to keep the fun going…

Happy National Dog Day from the OllyDog Team!

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