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A dog in sunglasses sits on patio furniture in summer.

We sure do love the summer sun! With it, comes longer days and therefore, plenty of time for outdoor play with your pup. But the sun is also bringing record temps this year, and we in Colorado have just started to feel the heat. When that summer sunshine is beating down, it’s important to have a strategy for staying cool.

Beating the heat can be challenging for humans and dogs alike, so here are three quick reminders for keeping your dog cool during the summer months. Let’s save the hot dogs for the ballpark this year.

A cute puppy laying on the beach with their ball.

Number One: Early Bird Special

Going out for a walk during the hottest hours of the day is uncomfortable at best. At worst? It can be downright dangerous. Capitalize on those cooler hours by walking your dog first thing in the morning.

Evening walks are a possibility, but they need to be treated with caution. While the evening hours do provide cooler air, the sun-baked pavement takes a long time to cool down. Watch out for your dog’s paws by never walking them on concrete or asphalt that is too hot. If you wouldn’t walk on it barefoot, it’s probably too hot for your pup.

Obviously, we don’t have the same weather everywhere, so use your best judgment (and maybe err on the side of caution). Keep in mind that a morning walk may very well be the safest bet.

Close up view of a dog's face smiling in the outdoor morning light.

Number Two: Treat the Heat

Dog treats come in all sizes, shapes and these days, even temperatures. Frozen dog treats can be found in almost every grocery or pet store. Of course, the internet is also a bottomless source for DIY recipes! Spoil your pup with some cooler treat options this summer.

The coolest, easiest and least expensive dog treat of them all? The ice cube! Not every dog will be excited to receive an ice cube, but those who are, have lucky owners indeed.

If all else fails, the two of you can always go out for ice cream! And let’s be honest, is kind of the most fun option anyway. Do you have waffle cones? What about PAWffle cones?

A dog in their owner's arms, licking an ice cream cone.

Number Three: Hydration Station

We know this isn’t the first time you’ve read it this summer, but please stay hydrated out there. Drinking plenty of water is an important checklist item for your every day, and it’s no different for your pup. Check your dog’s water regularly, and expect them to go through it a little faster during the warmer months.

When you’re leaving the house, whether for a short walk or a long hike, make sure to carry enough water for two - good thing we made the OllyBottle, right? In case you’re new here, the OllyBottle is our smart solution to slobber-free sharing with your pup. It includes a detachable water bowl that you can easily snap off, then pour in some water for your pooch!

A dog drinking from the detachable bowl of OllyDog's OllyBottle in Grass.

Whenever you’re outside, keep an eye on your dog for signs of Heat Exhaustion. The most common symptoms are excessive drooling and panting, but if your dog’s behavior is “off,” make sure to get them out of the heat and offer them some water as soon as possible.

By all means, enjoy your fun in the sun this summer! Just be sure you have a way to keep cool when the heat gets intense. So keep those OllyBottles close, and get out there! We know your pup is lucky to have you looking out for them.

A dog in sunglasses sits on patio furniture in summer.

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