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Five Instagram-Worthy Places to Take Your Dog in Colorado

Five Instagram-Worthy Places to Take Your Dog in Colorado

Who doesn’t love a good Instagram-worthy photo, especially one that showcases your furry buddy?

If you fall into the category of a Proud Pup Parent, chances are that you’ll want to share pictures of your dog on some form of social media. Finding locations that have an appealing aesthetic and are safe to bring your dog to can be tricky- but do not fret!

If you’re looking for a new place to explore or somewhere to capture those memories, Colorado is a great place to travel with your dog and take some amazing photos. From beautiful natural landscapes to unique cultural backdrops, you’ll find amazing spots that are sure to spice up your Instagram feed!

We’ve put together a list of five Instagram-worthy places to take your dog in Colorado to heighten those doggie pictures to a new level!


Rustler’s Gulch Trail, Crested Butte

Crested Butte is one of the amazing towns near the Rocky Mountains and is extremely dog friendly. They even have a portion of their website dedicated to welcoming dogs! While the town has eateries and shops throughout the quaint streets, there are many hiking trails near this area, with the Rustler’s Gulch Trail being a top spot for beautiful landscapes.

This nine-mile trail will take you a few hours to hike, but it will provide you and your dog with absolutely stunning backdrops of mountains that are sure to amaze you. And let’s be real, photo opportunities are a great way to take a brief rest during a long hike.

While this landscape is gorgeous all year round, during the summer months, a valley of over 50 types of wildflowers bloom and create a perfect spot for taking pictures! A kaleidoscope of colors to frame your already amazing dog? Yes, please.


Upslope Brewing Company, Flatiron Park

With Colorado being known for its vast breweries, stopping at one that welcomes dogs is the perfect rest spot to grab some refreshments, chill with locals, and take some easy-going and laid-back pictures!

One particular brewery located in Boulder worth checking out is Upslope Brewing. This location has casual vibes and views of the natural landscape that give way to taking photos that showcase a more relaxed ambiance on your feed.

And not only does Upslope Brewing Company use high-quality ingredients to craft unique beers, but dogs are extremely welcome on their patio to hang out. You can grab one of their water bowls so that you and your pup can simultaneously sip and enjoy the views. Plus, they even have a hashtag for posting your photos with dogs here- #pupslope! Does it get any cuter than that?!


Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods is a geological wonder burrowed at the base of Pikes Peak near Colorado Springs. Known for the gigantic red sandstone rock formations, this is a perfect spot to capture photos of your dog amidst scenery that looks out of this world!  

With free admission, there are 15 miles worth of trails to explore here, all accessible to dogs as long as they’re on a leash. But don’t worry- there is also a special spot where pups can meander off leash too!

Between the accessibility and the breathtaking views, you’ll be sure to get some amazing photos that highlight geology and natural beauty in this truly unique space. While it can get crowded because it offers such a cool experience, it certainly is still a spot to check out.


The River North Art District

Just walk through the streets of the River North Art District (RiNo), and you’ll find an amazing array of Instagram-worthy photo spots! No really. You’ll be amazed at how many opportunities for artsy dog photos you can take here.

With a tagline of “where art is made,” this area of Colorado blends industry with art as it promotes connection and community through a collection of pieces on display. As you explore the streets filled with warehouses, galleries, and studios, you’ll have a multitude of choices to use as a backdrop for your photos that are accessible without having to enter any building!

In addition to the cool industrial vibes, street art and murals don alleys and spaces on each block, so as you’re walking around with your dog, you can take photo after photo. Supporting local artists and getting tons of cool pictures- sign us up!


Telluride and Mountain Village

If you’re looking for a bit of adventure, Telluride is a great choice to visit as it is deemed one of the most beautiful towns in Colorado. Here, historic Victorian-style buildings placed at the end of a rich canyon and peak invite you and your pup to explore this former mining town. And since it has such a strong role in the history of the American West, Telluride was designated a National Historic Landmark District in 1964!

If you’re feeling adventurous while there (and are ready to tackle some heights), a gondola connects the town of Telluride with Mountain Village, a robust spot in the winter for skiers but a great place to explore and leaf peep during the fall! There are gondola cars are marked with paw prints that are specified for pets, as long as they are on a leash or in a carrier, so traveling up the mountain is accessible. While up at Mountain Village, be sure to check out the gorgeous lodge and many hiking trails to check out more natural landscapes as you’re surrounded by the stunning San Juan mountains.

When exploring Colorado, there is no limit to the beautiful wonders that you will encounter along your journey. These dog-friendly spaces and Instagram-worthy spots will help you explore and capture so many incredible memories to share with all in your life!


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