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OllyDog of the Month: Whoofi Goldberg

OllyDog of the Month: Whoofi Goldberg

This is part of an ongoing series where we get to know a little more about your dogs! 

Let’s start out with the intros! What’s your name, and what is your dog’s name? 

My name is Sarah, and my dog's name is (Whoofi) Goldberg. He mostly goes by Goldberg. My favorite movie is Sister Act, so this name only seemed fitting :)

When did you first think about adopting?

I've wanted a dog for a long time. I grew up with a childhood dog that meant a lot to me. I've wanted a dog as an adult for years and finally had the perfect storm of time, place, energy, and resources to make it happen.


Tell us about the first time you met your Pup.

It was at the end of 2020, and adopting a dog was like a competitive sport since many people were home and lonely. I had been trying to adopt a dog for months. I actually had a traumatic experience with a dog a month before I met Goldberg and didn't know if adopting a dog was still something I wanted to do. I met Goldberg (called Eli at the SPCA); he was so sweet. Truth be told, even though I brought him home, I didn't know if it was the right fit. It took a few weeks for me to relax - I think he made up his mind the first night because he fell asleep on me on the couch. Once I realized he was the perfect dog for me, I never looked back. 


How long have you had your Goldberg, and how old is he? 

I got Goldberg in December 2020, and they told me he was around 4 or 5ish as best they could tell. I have been saying he is "about 6ish, give or take," for 2 years. 


What is your favorite thing to do together?

Ride bikes. Whether in my K9 Sport Sack on my back or my custom-made bike in his basket, we love a day out on my bike. We'll go to different cafes, shops, parks, beaches, and more. Goldberg is a super chill travel companion, hasn't met a person he doesn't like, and loves the wind in his ears. Seeing how much he loves these adventures brings me and others a lot of joy. I feel really lucky. 


What is your favorite OllyDog Product?

We love the Alpine Reflective Harness. Goldberg came to the SPCA with a dog bite on his neck and has a residual scar there. Because of this, I use a harness for his leash or to secure him in his bike basket or a car, so it doesn't irritate his neck. This Harness is awesome because it is so lightweight, and for a small pup, that makes all the difference on a full day of adventure.

You can follow along on all of Goldberg’s adventures by following him on Instagram! @whoofi.goldberg

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