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Five Must-Have Items For The Adventure Dog!

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Does your dog love hitting the trails, splashing in lakes, and hanging out at the campsite? Then you just might have an adventure dog! Adventure dogs are awesome, they are always up for anything and never ask “are we there yet?” However, with a great adventure dog comes great responsibility. We want to make sure our four-legged friends stay safe and comfortable while enjoying their time in nature. 

Here are five adventure dog must-haves to keep your pup safe and comfortable wherever adventure leads you!

1. Adventure Harness

Whether you and your four-legged friend are hitting the forest trails or tackling tough mountain terrain, every adventure dog needs a good harness! The OllyDog Alpine Reflective Harness delivers with numerous comfort and safety features for all types of adventures. 
The OllyDog Alpine Reflective Harness comes in three sizes and has four fully-adjustable straps for a custom fit. It has reflective features for safety, two leash attachment points, and a lift assist handle at the top for tough climbs. It’s also padded and breathable for comfortable all-day wear. You can easily take your pup from day hikes to nighttime hangouts around the campfire without switching gear. 
Made from recycled, non-toxic, vegan materials, this harness is also super durable and easy to clean. Once the adventures are over the harness can simply be wiped clean. Or, if your dog had a little too much fun in the dirt, it can also be washed with a pet-safe detergent. 

2. Travel Water Bottle

No matter what adventure awaits, you and your dog need water! The OllyBottle is the perfect way to keep both you and your pup hydrated while out and about. The OllyBottle features a separate pop-out bowl attachment to give your thirsty pup a place to drink while keeping the main water bottle clean and most importantly, drool-free! 
The OllyBottle is durable, non-toxic, and BPA-free. It comes in two sizes and multiple colors. Perfect for parks, hiking, travel, beach days, or anywhere your furry friend tags along. No more carrying multiple bottles and bowls on your adventures. The OllyBottle is the perfect water bottle for you and your dog!

3. GPS Tracker

When embarking on an adventure with your dog no one wants to think about them getting lost but sadly, it happens sometimes. Even with all the best safety precautions, accidents happen and dogs wander off. When out in nature even the best-trained dogs may be intrigued by new sights, sounds, and smells. Next thing you know, they are off into the woods to chase a squirrel. While ID tags and microchips are still very important, GPS trackers can offer a way to track your dog in real-time should they end up out of sight. 

The FitBark GPS is a great option that’s durable, waterproof, lightweight, and fits with most standard collars, including OllyDog collars. It can be a great sidekick to the OllyDog Tilden Waterproof Collar to keep your pup safe and secure through all their outdoor adventures. 
The FitBark GPS boasts a wide range of satellite coverage including rural areas. You can easily track your dog through an app on your phone or smartwatch and get alerts when they are on the move. Hopefully, you’ll never need to use it but a GPS tracker can offer some peace of mind on your next hiking excursion or camping trip. 

4. Dog First Aid Kit

Accidents can happen anywhere but especially out on the trails. Your dog can encounter all sorts of potentially harmful things from sharp rocks to insect stings, it’s best to be prepared with a first aid kit. Adventure Dog First Aid Kits offer a wide range of kits for all types of adventures. These kits will come in handy for treating minor cuts, scrapes, and insect stings, or for removing thorns, splinters, and ticks. 
If you have a larger dog that you do long-distance hikes with it may be worthwhile to add an emergency sling to your kit. An emergency sling can be a lifesaver should your dog get injured on the trail and need to be carried out. 

5. Paw Cleaner

A telltale sign of a good time in nature is a dirty dog! Whether they had a blast splashing in the creek or decided to pick up sticks in the mud, most dogs will undoubtedly leave the trail with dirty paws. A quick dip in the Mudbuster before you load them up in the car will easily remove grass, dirt, sand, and whatever other debris they picked up along the way. 
Simply fill this special cup with water and the silicone bristles will gently sweep away all that dirt and grime from your pup's paws. The Mudbuster comes in an assortment of sizes and colors for all types of paws and is BPA-free. This paw-cleaning tool is a must-have for hiking trips, park outings, and beach days!

Now you and your pup are ready for whatever adventure awaits! For more awesome adventure dog gear check out the full lineup at OllyDog. Bon Voyage!

Written by Lauren Rey, February 2023

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