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OllyDog of the Month: Ollie

Meet Ollie! The OllyDog of the Month Feature.
Let’s start out with the intros! What’s your name and what is your dog’s name?  
My name is Miya and my dog's name is Ollie!
When did you first think about adopting?

We've been thinking about it for a few years. We really wanted to get a companion for our other dog Cali who is 7.

Tell us about the first time you met your Pup?

We first saw his sister on the website for Pets in Need. When we went in to visit, Ollie caught our eye so we decided to visit him first. Our "get to know him" session told us immediately that we didn't need to look any further. 

How long have you had Ollie and how old is he?

We adopted him in April 2022 and he is 7 months old now.

Favorite thing to do together?

 We love going for a walk, taking him to his puppy school, and playdates with other puppies. We love snuggling with him a lot too.

 Ollie sneaking a treat from his goodie treat bag.

Favorite OllyDog Product?

We love Goodie Treat bag in Odyssey Blue. We go everywhere with this bag.

 You can follow along on all of Ollie's adventures by following him on Instagram! @olliethepitbull2022

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