Most Dog Friendly Towns in America

Most Dog Friendly Towns in America

Dogs are family right?  We love them like family, we spoil them like family, so how about we take a family vacation that they will enjoy just as much as everyone else?  We compiled a list of dog friendly towns in America for your next summer vacation destination.

Aspen, Colorado

We all know of Aspen, right?  A town known for their skiing, hiking, shopping and small town charm.  We would like to add one character trait to that already impressive list: dog friendly.  Whether you go summer or winter, the views will be amazing and a town full of people ready to welcome both you and your dog in with open arms.  Walking down the street you will see smiling faces and adorable pups--just like yours. We suggest you bring your OllyBottle with you so you can hike on one of many stunning trails with your furriest companion.

McCall, Idaho

Situated just over two hours away from Boise lies McCall, a town of just over 3,500 people and likely a 3:1 ratio for humans to doggos.  After visiting you might just want to move here as a result of dozens of hotels, restaurants, and shops that host both you and your dog. There is a beautiful lake and rivers that provide beautiful walks and swimming for the whole family.

Bainbridge Island, Washington

Seattle is considered one of the best dog cities, but a 30-minute ferry ride across the Puget Sound leads you to Bainbridge Island (which is even better).  If you are looking for a true relaxing get away, this is your spot. There are beautiful houses with a quaint downtown and trails that lead you around the island, showing beaches and alluring scenery.  If your pup is a little wary on the ferry, we suggest the Meridian Dog Carrier, a multi-use carrying pack that will give your dog a sense of security.

Carmel, California

Carmel-by-the-Sea, already sounds like a dream destination, right?  Now add beaches and trails that allow dogs off-leash. And shops that let your doggo in with you.  And restaurants with a menu for you and your dog. And hotels with room service for your pup. Have we said enough yet?

Wherever your travels take you, remember your OllyDog leash, treat carrier, and the positive attitude your dog embodies.  Their adventurous spirit and willingness to anything will take you to amazing destinations. Let us know how you and your pup travel and the adventures you get into with #OllyDog.

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