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OllyDog Product Spotlight: Vagabond Travel Bed

A smiling dog lounging on OllyDog's Vagabond Travel Bed on a deck

The momentum of summer is just getting started, and with it, summer plans are taking shape. Whether you are road-tripping, camping, hiking or fishing this summer, OllyDog knows that every activity is better with your pooch by your side. We want to prepare you for everything on your summer list, as well as the spontaneous adventures that are guaranteed to pop up. Our products are here to help make it all possible.

A dog eating food on OllyDog's Vagabond Travel Bed while car camping

Today, we wanted to highlight one of our favorite OllyDog products. A best-seller for a reason, the Vagabond Travel Bed is sure to be your pup’s next favorite comfort item. When you and your dog are on the go, having the Vagabond Travel Bed around will provide a safe and comfy place for your dog to relax. Made for indoor and outdoor use, set up the Vagabond Travel Bed in a kennel, camper or back of the car to help your dog settle into any environment.

The bed is made primarily out of recycled materials, including ultra-soft microfleece. The microfleece provides a great heat source during those cooler camping nights; the perfect way to keep your dog warm and comfy. The material doesn’t hold fur either, so it’s easy to keep the bed clean. If it does get dirty, you can throw it in the wash on a gentle cycle, and let it air dry. The Vagabond Travel Bed is durable and lightweight, made to be taken on adventure after adventure.

A smiling dog lounging on OllyDog's Vagabond Travel Bed on a deck

The reversible design ensures you can match the bed to any room during home use. The bed rolls up and is easily packable inside the included travel case. Add the compact design to the bed’s durability, and when adventure calls, your dog is ready in minutes (we make no promises about how long it takes you).

OllyDog's Vagabond Travel Bed rolled up and put into case with OllyDog logo

The Vagabond Travel Bed was such a hit that we had to share the love with our four-legged friends down the road. If you didn’t know, OllyDog is based in Boulder, Colorado. We are big fans of the work our friends are doing over at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. Several members of the OllyDog team have adopted their furry friends from the shelter, and we wanted to give back as a gesture of thanks for their great work. Recently, OllyDog donated sixty Vagabond Travel Beds to the dogs at the shelter. We loved being able to bring some extra comfort to these pooches, and we will continue to support the shelter and its residents however we can.

A must-have for the adventurous dog owner, the Vagabond Travel Bed will add a layer of comfort to any environment. Get the most out of your own summer by setting your dog up for success. OllyDog products are here to provide practical solutions to everyday life with your pup. Nothing can stop the two of you now!

A dog laying on OllyDog's Vagabond Travel Bed while car camping

Happy trails!

OllyDog Team

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