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Dog Friendly Colorado Breweries to Check Out this Summer!

A glass of beer sits on an outdoor table, a dog's face is etched into the glass.

Hey there, Colorado dog and beer lovers! Now that patio season is finally here, we wanted to make you a list of dog-friendly Colorado breweries. Turns out though, that list already exists, and it’s the most Colorado thing we’ve ever seen.

Colorado Brewery List is a website dedicated to listing and filtering all the breweries in the Centennial State. The website has cataloged over 450 breweries and taprooms across Colorado, including their location, menu, hours and press articles. If you didn’t know about the Colorado Brewery List before, now you do. This is the kind of content we like to see!

Of course, we’re not just here to talk about brews. As dog lovers, it’s important to know where we can bring along our furry friends. Fortunately, “dog friendly” is one of the filters on the site, and the results blew us away!

A beer sits on a table outside in a glass with a sketching of a dog's face.

There are 290 breweries and 15 taprooms in the state of Colorado with a patio that can accommodate your pooch. This massive number feels like an accurate reflection of how much we love our dogs and our craft beer. Looks like you and your pup can visit a new brewery every day for most of an entire year! From Pagosa Springs to Pueblo, from Aspen to Arvada, and from Fort Collins to Frisco, you can find a dog-friendly brewery on almost any Colorado adventure.

Of the total 305 listed, 112 of them are considered fully dog-friendly (the rest allow dogs on the patio). Over a hundred places where your dog is welcomed and the taps are flowing. This is going to be a good summer.

Since every brewery is unique (and since all Colorado beer is good), it didn’t seem fair to compile a list of the “top breweries.” Instead, we picked a handful of cities for a fun-filled Colorado summer and found a dog-friendly brewery in each. Should you and your pup find yourself in any of these awesome towns this season, we hope you grab a pint at one of the following picks!

A flight of various beer samples sitting on a table.

Colorado Summer City Number One: Boulder

We know, we’re biased. But hey, OllyDog’s hometown definitely deserves this! With all the hiking we have around here, you’re going to want to know where you and Spot can go for that post-summit brew.

Dog-Friedly Boulder Brewery: Kettle & Spoke Brewery

With an intimate setting and affordable prices, this small brewery is a Boulder hidden gem! They also host private parties, if your dog is popular enough for that sort of thing.

A dog sitting on top of a table.

Colorado Summer City Number Two: Nederland

Just west of Boulder and up the canyon, Nederland is the perfect place to spend a relaxed summer day “away from it all.” Mountain vibes without the excessive drive? Yes, please.

Dog-Friendly Nederland Brewery: Very Nice Brewing Company

With tons of events from live music to trivia to monthly potlucks, there is always something going on at Very Nice Brewing Company; you and your dog should get involved.

A group of friends hold glasses of beer in a "cheers."

Colorado Summer City Number Three: Steamboat Springs

Has Steamboat made it to your Colorado bucket list yet? In the winter, Steamboat offers prime skiing with pristine views, but those views don’t just disappear the rest of the year! Hiking, fishing and charming mountain town fun are what you’ll find in a typical Steamboat summer.

Dog-Friendly Steamboat Springs Brewery: Storm Peak Brewing Company

With two dog-friendly locations in Steamboat Springs, Storm Peak Brewing Company is a must. Committed to keeping around the crowd-pleasers, as well as constantly brewing something new, there’s a beer here for everyone (okay maybe not Spot, but he’ll want you to have one).

A woman sits at an outdoor table with her dog in her lap.

Colorado Summer City Number Four: Buena Vista

Calling all adventure pups! Buena Vista is teaming with water sports in the summer, you and your dog can cool off by white water rafting or paddleboarding in this fun-loving town.

Dog-Friendly Buena Vista Brewery: Eddyline Brewery

Eddyline Brewery is dedicated to providing the good people of Beuna Vista with quality craft beer and an ambiance that inspires adventure. A perfect place to end an action-packed day, or plan your next one! With a pint and your pup, of course.

A dog sits on the bow of a green boat on a lake.

Colorado Summer City Number Five: Broomfield

The city of Broomfield has plenty of open space for outdoor play. With miles of trails perfect for those longer day summer dog walks, it’s a good place for dog owners to hang out.

Dog-Friendly Broomfield Brewery: Wonderland Brewing

The place to go out as a group of dog lovers! Tons of fun and games in the outdoor space, including a three-hole mini golf course. You and your dog are sure to have a ball in Wonderland.

A puppy smiles at the camera with lolling tongue.

Colorado Summer City Number Six: Fort Collins

This Northern city is getting popular for a very good reason! All the events and fun of Denver with less of a crowd. Fort Collins also offers access to tons of outdoor fun. A lake day at Horsetooth can only end one way, with a cold one. So where should you grab it?

Dog-Friendly Fort Collins Brewery: Maxline Brewing

Who doesn’t love food trucks, live music and craft beer? All are available here, you might just have to let the “beertender” pet your dog first.

A light colored beer flight sitting on a bar.

Colorado Summer City Number Seven: Breckinridge

Breckenridge in the summer is such a special time! Escape into the cool mountain air and browse unique shops or take your pooch for a stroll along the Blue River.

Dog-Friendly Breckinridge Brewery: Broken Compass Brewery

There is something for everyone on the varied menu at Broken Compass, a brewery that has become a staple in the town of Breckenridge. The perfect place for you and your dog to rest after a day in the mountains together!

A dog owner holds out an empty beer glass for their dog to sniff.

Let us know if you visit any of these spots (or if you find any amazing other ones)! Knowing that your dog can come along makes any experience better, and summer adventure is waiting for the both of you to get out there and explore! Keep the tails wagging and the beer flowing!

OllyDog Team

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