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OllyBlog QUIZ! Which OllyDog Product is the Perfect Fit for Your Pooch?

A dog playing with the Flyer Disc by OllyDog

Hey there, dog lover!

Are you wondering which OllyDog product to grab for your four-legged friend? We are here to help! Take the quiz below to find out which item is sure to be your dog’s new favorite thing!

A puppy half way into a gift back


Question one: What is your dog’s favorite time of day?

A) Anytime and all the time.

B) Did someone say W-A-L-K?

C) When they’re curled up in your lap, of course.


E) Dinner time!

F) Nap time… Zzzz


Question two: Which best describes your dog’s personality?

A) Go with the flow.

B) Always aims to please.

C) One pampered pooch!

D) Energetic and playful.

E) Will do anything for a treat.

F) Laid back since way back.


Question three: You, the human, are MOST likely to…

A) Make sure your friends are drinking enough water.

B) Work hard, play harder.

C) Ask “Can I bring my dog?” as a response to being invited anywhere.

D) Work smarter, not harder.

E) Provide the snacks!

F) Spend all day reading in a hammock.


Question four: It’s Saturday morning, what are you and your dog up to?

A) Could be anything, but we’re sure going to do it together!

B) Summiting a mountain, of course.

C) Pedicures and “puppuccinos!”

D) Heading to the dog park (or the people one).

E) Baking and begging for scraps, respectively.

F) Sleeping in.


Question five: What would your dog MOST enjoy?

A) Attention

B) Exercise

C) Car ride

D) New toy

E) Treat

F) Cuddles


Question six: If your dog had a human job, it would probably be…

A) Personal assistant

B) Firefighter

C) Interior decorator

D) Jazzercise teacher

E) Competitive eater

F) Therapist


Question seven: When it comes to vacation…

A) You’re both ready for anything.

B) It’s adventures together in the great outdoors.

C) Two first-class tickets, please.

D) Your dog is heading to day care where they can play all day.

E) Must have treats on hand for travel days (and all days).

F) Your dog is happy at home with the sitter.


Question eight: If your dog were another animal, they'd probably be a…

A) They’re too loyal and friendly to be anything but a DOG.

B) Horse! My trusty steed.

C) House cat.


E) A clever crow.

F) A lounging lion.

Answer Key

Mostly A's = OllyBottle

The OllyBottle by OllyDog

You must really have a good dog! For a happy-go-lucky dog that will follow you anywhere, we recommend the tried-and-true OllyBottle as a gift for you both! Easy to use, clean and transport, the OllyBottle is the perfect solution to staying hydrated wherever life takes you. With a detachable bowl for your dog, you can share water, not slobber.

Mostly B's = Trekker RF

The Trekker RF by OllyDog

For the impressive pooch who always aims to please, your dog will love the Trekker RF. Your hard-working dog can carry everything they need, and the two of you can stay out on the trail for longer. Great for work or play, the Trekker RF is a safe and comfortable way to pack more on those all-day adventures.

Mostly C's = Meridian Dog Carrier

The Meridian Dog Carrier by OllyDog

Sounds like your dog is your mini bestie, and you know they deserve to be spoiled! The Meridian Dog Carrier is here to help you transport your small dog wherever you go. Made for dogs up to fifteen pounds, the Meridian will be your pampered pooch’s new favorite place!

Read the Meridian Dog Carrier Product Spotlight!

Mostly D's = Flyer Disc

The Flyer Disc by OllyDog

Are you always looking for ways to help your excitable pup get out their energy? The Flyer Disc is for you! Made for use on land or in the water, send it soaring and your pup can chase to their heart’s content. Durable and built to last, the Fyer Disc is the outdoor toy you’ve been looking for!

Mostly E's = Goodie Treat Bag

The Goodie Treat Bag by OllyDog

A best-seller for a reason, OllyDog’s Goodie Treat bag is the easy (and adorable) way to keep treats on hand for your food-motivated pup! Perfect for hands-free training, long walks or the dog park. Keep those treats rolling!

Mostly F's = Vagabond Travel Bed

The Vagabond Travel Bed by OllyDog

Sounds like you have one sweet dog on your hands! Well, now they can rest easy - from anywhere. Meet the super-soft, portable bed that can guarantee comfort for your good boy or girl. Made for indoor and outdoor use, the Vagabond Travel Bed is machine washable and features a reversible design.

Read the Vagabond Travel Bed Product Spotlight!


How’d we do?

Did we predict the perfect gift for your pooch? Or might you need more than one of these goodies to keep their tail wagging?

Click here to discover even more products for dogs who love their people, and people who love their planet.

Happy shopping!
OllyDog Team

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