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OllyDog Product Spotlight: Tilden Waterproof Collar & Leash

A woman walking her dog outside with OllyDog's Tilden Collection including Waterproof Leash and Waterproof Collar

Shopping for a collar or leash for your four-legged friend is more involved than you might think. Besides finding a style to match your dog’s unique personality, you’ll want a safe, durable product that can hold up to your dog’s lifestyle.

We at OllyDog believe in big adventures! We want to help you and your pup venture into the great outdoors often, so we focus on dog gear that supports the adventure lifestyle. Our products are durable and built to last, and the products we are highlighting today will hold up to anything and everything! This OllyDog Product Spotlight focuses on our Tilden Waterproof Collar and Tilden Waterproof Leash.

What makes the Tilden Collection so special?

A woman putting the Tilden Waterproof Collar on her dog

Our Tilden Collection includes some of the toughest products OllyDog has to offer! Built to withstand the elements, the Tilden material used in this collection is extra durable and completely waterproof! We achieve this with OllyDog’s AquaGaurd, a safe and protective coating with anti-bacterial properties.

The AquaGaurd keeps the Tilden Waterproof Collar and Tilden Waterproof leash dry, so your dog can enjoy a rainy day hike or a dip in the sea! Though we love a wet dog, the wet dog smell is another story. The AquaGaurd coating also has anti-odor protection, so your gear won’t get stinky (though we make no promises about your dog!). When the time does come to wash them, the Tilden Collection products are super easy to clean; just use a dog-friendly soap, and they will air dry in minutes!

The tough Tilden material combined with the AquaGaurd coating guarantees your gear is ready for anything. So let your dog go wild, we promise that the Tilden Collection can keep up with the dirtiest, muddiest, wettest and most adventurous pups out there!

Tilden Waterproof Collar

Now that you’re caught up on the Tilden material, let’s break down the features that are specific to the Tilden Waterproof Collar. This collar includes a plastic, easy-release side buckle and an aluminum D-ring attachment point for a leash. It also includes a silicon tag silencer to reduce the jingle noise of your dog’s tags. Available in four fun colors, the Tilden Waterproof Collar is soft, bendable, lightweight, durable and vegan!

Image showcasing the features of the Tilden Waterproof Collar by OllyDog


Tilden Waterproof Leash

Of course, the Tilden Waterproof Leash has its own specific features. The attachment clip is made from sturdy aluminum and features a swivel clasp that keeps the leash from twisting or tangling. The length of the leash is easily adjustable and ranges from 4 to 6 feet (48-72 inches). The handle features a soft and comfortable padding for your grip, and there’s a second short handle or “traffic stop” loop for the times when you need to keep your dog extra close. Available in classic black or eye-popping red, the Tilden Waterproof Leash is soft, bendable, lightweight, durable and vegan!

Image showcasing the features of the Tilden Waterproof Leash by OllyDog


Tilden Waterproof Bundle

Because of the love that OllyDog shoppers have shown to the Tilden Collection, we wanted to offer a special deal for those who want to grab the collar and leash in one. The Tilden Waterproof Bundle combines both products at a discounted rate, so you can get more tough Tilden gear for less! When you shop the bundle, you’ll save over 25% of the cost of buying these products individually. So, if you love the concept of our Tilden Collection, the Bundle is the way to go!



Product image of the Tilden Waterproof Bundle by OllyDog

What do you think of our Tilden Collection?

We’d love nothing more than for your adventure dog to put it to the test! Now you and your dog can ski, bike, paddleboard, climb, swim or straight-up roll around in the mud without worrying about ruining your collar or leash.

Waterproof, weatherproof, adventureproof. The Tilden Collection is made for the dogs who play hard and the people who encourage them to go wild!

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