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The 10 Best Gear and Accessories for Hiking With Your Dog

The 10 Best Gear and Accessories for Hiking With Your Dog

Spring break is right around the corner, and that means taking some time to get outside and enjoy the warmth of the sun and nature coming to life.

While you can’t wait to make plans for your spring break activities — don’t forget about your sweet pup. They want in on the fun, too!

Hiking with your dog is an excellent way to explore new places and strengthen your bond with them. The change of scenery also gives them mental stimulation as they check out the new sights, smells, and sounds.

But before you can hop in the car and head to the trails, you need to make sure you’re prepared. You need the right gear for keeping your dog happy and healthy while you’re outdoors together.

Whether you’re tackling a 14-er or taking a quick jaunt along the foothills, you’ll enjoy the fresh air even more if you’re ready for anything. From backpacks to hiking accessories — we’ve rounded up the best hiking gear for dogs for wherever your next trip takes you. 

1. Tilden Waterproof Collar

You’re on the path and you’ve just come across a stream — will your dog choose to jump in and have some fun? No need to stress if they do!

A waterproof collar is an essential piece of dog hiking gear. It’s an item that’s made for adventure and prepared to get dirty. Even better — this one is lightweight, durable, and vegan.

Made with OllyDog’s AquaGuard, your pup will leave the moisture and the smell of the outdoors, well, outdoors! Help keep one of their most treasured accessories clean, hygienic, and in good condition for longer.

Avoid odors with the Tilden Waterproof Collar >

2. Tilden Waterproof Leash

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A post shared by OllyDog (@ollydog)Whether you have a water-loving pooch or not — you want a leash that wicks away any moisture, is easy to wipe off, and is odor resistant. Just like the Tilden Collar, this leash is coated in AquaGuard, which includes puppy-safe biothane.

Let them take the lead for a bit on your next adventure and don’t worry about the clean-up afterward.

If you’re feeling generous (or your pup isn’t totally trained yet), try a leash that's a little more shock-absorbent for nosing around and checking out the sights while still keeping control.

Enjoy easy cleanup with the Tilden Waterproof Leash >

3. SafetyPup XD Reflective Dog Vest

Whether you’re on a hike in the woods or taking a stroll in your neighborhood in the half-light of morning and evening — reflective vests are an excellent idea for keeping your pup safe.  

Plus, if you let them off leash while on the trail you can keep a better eye on them while they stand out against everything else.

If you need a more breathable option, you can always consider a hiking harness that’s reflective. Your pup will probably appreciate the full range of motion, too!

Keep them safe with the SafetyPup Reflective Vest >

4. Trekker RF Dog Backpack

Sometimes the best dog harness is the one that lets your pup carry some stuff too. Now they have a job to do on the trail, too!

Rest assured, this harness is designed with lightweight materials that provide optimal fit and weight distribution. Pack each saddlebag with their favorite treats, poop bags, and water.

An added bonus: reflective lining on each bag for extra safety while you’re adventuring together.

Give them a little job to do with the Trekker RF Dog Backpack >

5. K9 Dog Backpacks and Carriers 

Hiking with dogs doesn’t always mean walking side by side. Your pup may get tired along the way, or need some help up tough trails. 

This hiking backpack for dogs features ventilated sides to keep them cool while they’re along for the ride. Its wide base keeps them comfortable by accommodating their legs and tail. 

Bags include a side pocket for your water bottle and extra space for items like your keys, phone, or snacks.

Give your pup a lift with a K9 Dog Backpack or Carrier >

6. Backcountry Day Bag

Whether you’re going for a quick hike or you simply don’t want to lug around a backpack all day — a waist bag is essential for hiking if you’re looking for a hands-free experience. 

Keep things minimal and only bring the necessities while you’re out with your pup. With space for waste bags, their favorite snacks, and your phone (for those must-snap moments), you can focus on the path ahead and not fuss with your bag.

This bag is also an excellent choice for training your dog. Stock it up with treats and practice with them on positive reinforcement. 

Keep things simple with the Backcountry Day Bag >

7. QUMY Waterproof Dog Booties

Depending on where you live, hiking in the springtime could mean going out in cooler temps or coming across snow. While you can think of their paws like little built-in boots, they still need some extra protection every now and then.

If your pup has never worn booties before, you can likely expect a little frustration from them as they adapt to their new fit. Give them some time and it’ll become normal.

It’s smart to keep these around in the summertime, too. If you know you’re going to be on rough terrain, you can protect them from hurting their paws on rocks or splinters.

Protect their feet with QUMY Waterproof Dog Booties >

8. OllyBottle

No matter the temperature or climate, your pup needs to have water while you’re out and about. A traveling water bottle is a must-have item for their safety and comfort while you’re both having fun.

The OllyBottle is perfect for sharing. Fill it up and detach the bowl for when you’re both ready to take a breather. No more wasting water trying to let them drink out of your hands!

Be sure you’re offering them water frequently and when they do drink that they’re taking quick, small sips. 

Maintain their hydration with the OllyBottle >

9. Adventurous Medical Kits ADS Dog Medical Kit

Even though dogs tend to be more nimble than humans, they can still wind up with the same injuries while hiking. Just as you might bring medical items to protect yourself from cuts or sprains, you should do the same for them.

Most injuries that happen while hiking with dogs typically involve their paws. This kit features items like dressings, bandages, and tools that can remove splinters, thorns, and pesky foxtails.

While the bandages in this kit are self-adhering, it never hurts to pack extras for when your pup chews it or it falls off.

Be prepared for anything with an ADS Dog Medical Kit >

10. Crumple Travel Bowl

There’s something to be said about stopping at a picturesque outlook and taking out your favorite trail snack. If you’re feeling the need for a quick nibble, chances are your dog is, too!

Travel bowls are an important item to bring along for your pup. And since space is of the essence when packing, you want one that’s collapsible yet durable enough to withstand water and kibble. 

Because this bowl can become so compact, you can carry this around wherever you go with your pup — checking out the farmer’s market, vacationing, or spending a day at the park — and never be stuck wondering how you’ll feed them.

Feed your hungry dog while on the go >

Go Exploring This Spring Break!

Any adventure outdoors calls for planning and prep — especially when you’re bringing your favorite 4-legged friend with you. Making sure they’re safe, comfortable, and happy is a priority. 

The same can be said for traveling with them anywhere. As you’re considering what you can do together this Spring Break, going beyond a hiking trip may sound like fun!

But where you go may depend on what you’re looking to experience — do you want to explore new mountains together, soak up the sun on the coast, or take in the charming culture of a new town? 

Explore some of the most dog-friendly destinations and what to do when you get there. Start planning your trip now!

The best tips and destinations to travel with your dog >

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