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The Top 4 Dog Accessories Every New Dog Owner Needs

The Top 4 Dog Accessories Every New Dog Owner Needs

The past few years have been big for new dog owners. 

More than 23 million Americans got dogs during the pandemic, causing dog shelters to thin out at a staggering rate. 

Pups everywhere enjoyed their owner's home during lockdown, and you enjoyed having a new dog! But as you might have noticed, there are just a few items on your new dog shopping list. 

There are dog collars, toys, and comfy beds for them to sleep on — not to mention all the treats they need for being a good boy or girl! 

If you’ve just adopted a dog in the past year, we’ve got a new puppy checklist for you (and a great deal) to help you train your new friend and keep them happy and healthy this summer. 

1. Flagstaff Collar

First thing’s first. Your new puppy needs a collar. And not just any collar. We’re talking one durable enough to handle their rambunctious puppy phase. 

The Flagstaff Collar is the perfect dog collar for everyday wear. With durable poly webbing and a sturdy aluminum D-ring for a quick clip-in, you’ll never have to worry about having to replace it. 

It’s also incredibly easy to clean for those big mud puddles they’ll discover at the dog park. And for your sanity, we’ve included a silicone tag silencer so that they can frolic about without the jingle and jangle of tags. 

Choose a long-lasting dog collar in any of our vibrant colors >

2. Flagstaff Adjustable Leash

Next on your new dog supplies list: a leash that can withstand some nibbles. 

If you’re training a new dog, you know how important it is to have them close to you while crossing a street or while passing another furry friend. Our Flagstaff Adjustable Leash allows for just that. 

A second handle allows you to pull them in when they get excited while being comfortable for you to hold. It won’t tangle either, so you don’t have to worry about stubborn knots on walks. 

Cleaning is a breeze, too. Just wash it in cold water with some pet-safe detergent and let air dry after busy days at the dog park. 

Train your pup to walk with this lightweight everyday dog leash >

3. Scoop Pickup Bag

Having a new puppy isn’t always glamorous, especially when you have to clean up their messes. 

But with the Scoop Pickup Bag you’ll never have to rummage around for a waste bag in your pockets. With an easy-access clip, you can put on your belt or hook up to your pup’s leash you can stash an entire roll of doggy poop bags. 

Plus, we’ve made ours out of recycled material which is also water-resistant — so you can feel good about the environment while also enjoying the outdoors with your new puppy. 

Slide this doggy bag onto your dog’s leash for easy clean-up >

4. Flyer Disc

The best part about getting a new dog is all the cool dog accessories. From toys to puzzle games, you’ll want your new dog to have a blast this summer as the weather gets nicer. 

Our favorite dog toy? That’ll have to be the Flyer Disc. Pup-approved and tough enough for even the hardest playing breeds, this dog Frisbee is perfect for a game of fetch outside. 

With soft and non-toxic fabric, this will definitely be your pup’s new favorite toy. Even more impressive, this disc can float and is water-compatible. That means you can bring it to the beach for even more fun!

Get this lightweight dog toy for infinite hours of fun with your new dog >

Enjoy a New Dog Discount

We know getting a new pup can come with its own set of challenges, and sometimes that’s half the adventure. But having the right doggy gear shouldn’t be one of them. 

To help you on your journey as a new dog owner, we’re offering 25% off when you purchase these 4 items together as a bundle. Once you add all of these items to your cart you’ll automatically see the discount applied at check-out. 

You’ll get the best products for dog owners, all for a reasonable price.

So what are you waiting for?

Get ready for a summer of fun with our new dog owner bundle discount >

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