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The Best Tips and Tricks for Take Your Dog to Work Day

The Best Tips and Tricks for Take Your Dog to Work Day

Everything is better with your dog by your side, and that includes a day at the office!

Many workplaces are now dog-friendly, which means you can skip the dreaded morning goodbyes and instead bring your dog with you to work!

Your dog will truly appreciate all the new people they get to meet and places to explore. Plus, you get the benefit of having your dog next to you all day, which will surely make any day feel like the weekend!

Like anyone’s first day at the office, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind before bringing your dog to work. To celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day, here are a few tips and tricks to help your dog become an office regular!

What to Pack When Bringing Your Dog to Work

Once you have confirmed that your dog is welcome at the office, these office-friendly dog accessories will keep your dog comfortable and engaged as you go about your workday. With the right items, your dog will feel right at home!

  1. Rescue Adjustable Leash

Whether you’re arriving, leaving or going for a quick potty break, our Rescue Adjustable Leash is lightweight and great for everyday wear.

This stylish leash was designed to be tangle-free and prevent twisting with a 360-swivel clasp to help you walk through tight spaces or pass coworkers in the hallway. Each leash is made from materials that were saved from entering a landfill and turned into durable, recyclable webbing.

For extra length, try our Rescue Adjustable Spring Leash.

  1. The Vagabond Travel Bed

The workday can mean spending extended periods in the same place. Having a comfortable workstation also extends to your dog.

Our stylish Vagabond Travel Bed will fit perfectly next to your desk for maximum relaxation for your dog.

The bed comes with ultra-soft microfleece that adds premium comfort without holding dog fur. The bed is also designed to be extra durable and easy to clean.

  1. OllyBottle

Hanging out at the water-cooler is a time-honored tradition at any office. Your dog can feel included in the office gossip while staying hydrated with the OllyBottle.

The travel-friendly bottle comes with an easy-to-remove bowl attachment, and is made from durable, lightweight, dishwasher safe, BPA-free plastic that makes cleaning effortless.

Bringing Your Dog to Work Tips

With your dog-friendly office accessories gathered and ready for work, here are a few more tips to ease your dog into the office.

  1. Get Your Dog Plenty of Exercise Before Arriving at Work

The first day at the office is an exciting time for anyone, and your dog is no exception. There will be lots of new people to meet and places to explore. Getting plenty of exercise before work will help ensure your dog makes a great first impression.

Take your dog out for 15-30 minutes of exercise before heading into the office by either going for a walk or playing fetch with their favorite item like the Flying Disc.

  1. Consider Bringing Your Dog in for Half the Day to Start

A full workday may be a lot to bite off for a first day. As you ease your dog into the office, you may want to consider coming in for a half-day during the first or second visit. Slowly add more time as your dog gets more comfortable with the office.

  1. Your Dog Will Need a Quiet and Comfortable Place to Rest

A nook underneath your desk or a quiet corner away from foot traffic will be the perfect place for your dog’s Vagabond Travel Bed. Be sure to also place toys near your dog’s bed to keep them entertained.

Pro Tip: In the beginning, it’s a good idea to use the Rescue Adjustable Leash to prevent your dog from wandering. This will allow you to focus on your work without having to keep tabs on your dog’s location.

  1. Schedule Breaks During the Day

Adjusting your schedule to accommodate breaks for your dog to stretch their legs and go to the bathroom will helps ensure you both have a happy and healthy workday. These breaks are also a great opportunity to introduce your dog to coworkers and meet any other office dogs.

When you’re outside, the Scoop Pickup Bag is the perfect accessory to clean up after your dog and dispense of any waste.

  1. Have Extra Dog Food Near Your Desk

Be prepared with treats and extra food to reward your dog throughout the day. Our Crumple Travel Bowl is perfect for dispensing your dog’s midday snack.

Pro Tip: Treats are the perfect icebreaker when coworkers want to say hi. Store them in the Goodie Treat Bag.

  1. Clean Your Area Before Heading Home

Organizing your dog’s bedding, toys and food before leaving will make sure they get invited back. All our accessories are extra portable so cleaning up will only take a few minutes before you head home at the end of the day.

All Our Office Dog Accessories in One Place 

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Celebrating Your Dog at the Office

With the right accessories and preparation, bringing your dog to work can be a new, fun and exciting adventure!

On National Take Your Dog to Work Day (June 24), show us how you celebrated your office pup and tag us, @OllyDog, on Instagram!

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