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What's NEW About Our Flagstaff Collection?

What's NEW About Our Flagstaff Collection?

As product designers, we are always looking for improvements to make to OllyDog's line of durable dog gear. Recently, we have added some bells and whistles to a few familiar products. 

Named for a mountain in our hometown of Boulder, Colorado, OllyDog's Flagstaff collars and leashes are an ode to outdoor adventure. Whether you and your dog are exploring mountain trails, lush coastlines, or anything in between, we want to be a part of your journey.

Read on to learn about the changes we made to our popular Flagstaff designs.

Flagstaff Collar

OllyDog's Flagstaff Collar is a favorite for every day and every adventure! The lightweight design is comfy, stylish, and easy to wash. Features include an easy-release plastic buckle and a secure leash attachment point.

What's NEW?

This trusty collar is just as sturdy, but it's now made with a softer, smoother sublimation polyester webbing for ultimate comfort. The collar now also includes a reflective strip for visibility. Enjoy night walks with the peace of mind that your furry friend can be spotted easily. 

Flagstaff Adjustable Leash

The OllyDogs of the world just love our stylish Flagstaff Adjustable Leash! Its classic design is durable, comfortable, and lightweight. Features include a traffic-stop loop and an aluminum tri-glide that makes it easily adjustable.

What's NEW?

The padded handle now includes a lightweight plastic buckle, turning the handle into a secondary attachment point. Clip it to your person and take your dog for a hands-free trail run, or fasten it to a table leg when your dog joins you this patio season. The other big change is that we added a swivel carabiner hook as the collar attachment point; this ultra-secure piece of hardware can withstand 4.4kN of force!

Flagstaff Adjustable Spring Leash

While similar to the Flagstaff Adjustable Leash, this spring leash includes a bungee section for shock absorption and increased range. A bungee leash is a great way to accommodate dogs who are eager to roam and explore.

What's NEW?

Like the Flagstaff Adjustable Leash, the Flagstaff Adjustable Spring Leash was updated to include a sturdy swivel carabiner hook and a buckle on the handle that makes a secondary attachment point. The Flagstaff Adjustable Spring Leash can also now stretch to a range of 75 feet!

Of course, with updated designs come updated colors and patterns! As always, our bold new OllyDog colors are achieved with non-toxic dye; these colorways pay homage to outdoor adventure. We love the alpine feel of the Woodgrain patterns. Plus, we made a more modern version of an OllyDog classic, Dream Camo.

Gear up for a summer of adventure with OllyDog!


Happy Trails,

The OllyDog Team

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