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4 Worthy Dog Causes to Support on Giving Tuesday (11/28/23)

A dog eating from OllyDog's Crumple Travel Bowl on top of OllyDog's Vagabond Travel Bed

It’s Giving Tuesday, and we know how big the heart of a dog lover can get! If you’re looking for a way to send some love to the dogs of the world today, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are four ways to support dogs for Giving Tuesday:

1. Shop on OllyDog.com

Did you think we were going to miss out on the action? Not a chance! In honor of Giving Tuesday, when you make a purchase on OllyDog.com of over $50, we will donate a Vagabond Travel Bed to our friends at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley!

A dog sitting on the Vagabond Travel Bed by OllyDog

This offer is valid from now until December 3rd, so it’s the perfect time of year to stock up on OllyDog’s adventure-ready gear! Treat your four-legged friend to something special and provide a shelter dog with a cozy bed this winter in the process - what could be better?

Shop to Support the Humane Society of Boulder Valley!


2. Guide Dogs for the Blind

This organization has been helping us create a more inclusive world since 1942. Guide Dogs for the Blind provides free services to connect visually impaired people with their perfect guide dog. This non-profit organization receives no government funding, so keeping services free to the public is dependent on donors and volunteers.

A woman sits on a park bench with her seeing eye dog

The long-standing history of the foundation speaks to its credibility and the impact it has had. They’re doing the important work of ensuring people can navigate the world with a sense of confidence and security - and that is a cause we can get behind!

Click here to support Guide Dogs for the Blind!

3. Sgt. Pepper’s Friends

This volunteer-run animal shelter uses social media to connect Aruba's stray and abandoned dogs with potential owners worldwide. The dogs in their care often come from rough conditions, and many require intense medical treatment upon arrival at the shelter. These dogs are taken in, and their stories are shared on social media - @sgtpeppersfriends - with the hopes of crowdfunding their care.

A stray puppy on a colorful island street

Your donation directly supports their efforts to save struggling pups. Providing shelter dogs with everything they need from toys to medicine to a flight to meet their new family (you can even shop their wishlist on Amazon!).

Click here to support Sgt. Pepper’s Friends!

4. Your Local Shelter

Want to know a great way to witness the impact of your donation? Keep it local! Though there are many worthy causes out there, giving directly to your local animal shelter is a sure way to elevate your community. Show some love to the dogs in your own backyard by finding a dog-related cause close to home, then set up a one-time or recurring donation to support their work.

An adorable puppy being scratched under the chin


However you find yourself celebrating this day of generosity, we hope your dog is by your side and receiving lots of affection! We’ll leave you with this quote that we think perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Giving Tuesday:

Be the person your dog thinks you are.


Happy Giving Tuesday!
OllyDog Team

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