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Your Dog's Holiday Wishlist

A dog wearing a Santa hat giving puppy dog eyes

Dear Santa,

I’ve been an extra good pup this year!

Really, you can take my bark for it. No need to ask my “pawrents” - they’d definitely agree. To be fair, they miiiiight bring up the slippers incident of 2023… but don’t take that out of context! I was only trying to give Mom the excuse to buy a new pair.

Anyway, since I’ve been so good (unlike that squirrel who lives in the backyard tree), I thought I’d save you some time by writing down my holiday wishlist.

Here is what I - a very good dog - am hoping for this holiday season:

1) A bite of the Thanksgiving turkey.

A Thanksgiving turkey

2) The stylish Urban Journey Reflective Collar by OllyDog. However, I noticed that one of the cool colors it comes in is called “Anthracite.” I’d like to reiterate how I’ve been way too good to receive coal in any form. Though I’d recommend you send some to the mailman and the vet.

A dog wearing the Urban Journey Reflective Collar by OllyDog

3) To be included in all the family photos this year (but it's okay to leave out the cat).

A group photo of three people and a dog in front of a Christmas tree


A dog on its back receiving belly rubs

5) The Vagabond Travel Bed by OllyDog, so I can stay comfy and warm wherever we go. It's packable and portable so I'll never be left behind!

A dog on top of the Vagabond Travel Bed by OllyDog

6) For the squirrel to fall out of the backyard tree.

A squirrel in a tree

7) A bite of the Christmas ham (and maybe a bit of dessert, too?).

A small dog sits at the kitchen table and stares longingly at the dessert

8) The Flyer Disc by OllyDog. It’s the perfect toy for when I'm playing in the snow and get a case of the zoomies! It also floats, so we'll be beach ready when summer rolls back around. I could play fetch all year!

A dog running with the Flyer Disc by OllyDog in their mouth

9) Butt scratches. Tis the season!

A dog wearing an elf hat is sitting down facing away from the camera

10) A bite of the Hanukkah brisket (would settle for a latke or two!).

A dog licking their lips and looking up at the camera

 11) A free pass to roll around in the mud and get as dirty as possible!

A dog in the grass completely covered in mud

12) The Tilden Waterproof Collar by OllyDog. I’ll need tough gear that can hold up to my most ambitious outdoor activities (see item 11). The Tilden Waterproof Leash wouldn't be a bad idea either - plus it's on sale until the end of November. Adventure awaits!

A dog with her tongue out wearing the Tilden Waterproof Collar by OllyDog

13) Plenty of rubs in that sweet spot behind my ears.

A dog getting scratched behind the ears

14) You know those socks that some families hang over their fireplace? Can I have some? I think the humans look for stuff inside and fail to realize that the real treat is the GIANT SOCK! Silly humans.

A puppy inside a Christmas stocking on top of a pile of presents

15) Last but not least, the OllyBottle by OllyDog. That way, me and my people can stay hydrated on the many, many, many, many, many walks we are going to take in the year to come. Because of something my people call "excessive slobber," they don't like it when I drink directly from their bottle. The OllyBottle will be a better way for us to share.

The OllyBottle by OllyDog - Share water, not slobber

Thanks for reading my holiday wishlist! I hope it’s been informative. I am simple to please, really. It just takes some extra treats, time snuggled up with my family, and maybe a box or two from OllyDog when it comes time for gift-giving.

A dog wearing a Santa hat giving puppy dog eyes


If you provide me with the items from my wishlist this year, I promise to leave your milk and cookies undisturbed (unless you need help eating them, then I’m your pooch!). See you soon!


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