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New Year's Resolutions to Make 2024 Truly Pawsome

A group of white dogs playing together

New Year's resolutions aren't just for us; they can also benefit our four-legged friends! As we prepare for the new year, it's the perfect time for dog owners to set intentions for a brighter, happier future with our furry companions. 

Let’s explore some resolutions that might serve you and your dog well in 2024. We want to make it a year full of love, health, and happiness. This post is purely for inspirational purposes and isn’t an instructional guide. We encourage you to use it as a starting point for making your own resolutions that cater to your dog’s unique needs.

Naturally, we’ve paired our resolutions with OllyDog products that we are sure will help both of you meet your goals! Let’s jump in.

Resolution Idea: Daily Adventures
Commit to daily walks or outdoor adventures with your dog.
A woman and her dog camping in a tent by an alpine lake

Regular exercise improves your dog's physical and mental well-being. It's also an excellent way to strengthen your bond! 

OllyDog product that will help: The Flyer Disc!

A dog proudly holding up the Flyer Disc by OllyDog

Our durable Flyer Disc will help your dog release pent-up energy and optimize playtime. An easy way to play all day and in any weather, the Flyer Disc floats on water and is easy to spot in the snow.

Resolution Idea: Mindful Training
Invest time in positive reinforcement training.
Image of a dog jumping through a hoop

Invest time in training to make everyday interactions more enjoyable. Using positive reinforcement in training ensures a well-behaved and happy canine companion.

OllyDog product that will help: The Goodie Treat Bag!

The Goodie Treat Bag by OllyDog in Bloom colorway, full of treats

The crowd-pleasing Goodie Treat Bag is a training favorite! Its magnetic closure allows for quick access to treats, which makes all the difference for your dog to associate the reward with their good behavior. Read more about the Goodie Treat Bag in this OllyBlog Product Spotlight.

Resolution Idea: Quality Time
Set aside dedicated quality time with your dog each day.
A woman sits in a chair reading with her dog by her side

Dogs thrive on companionship. Whether it's a game of fetch, a cozy cuddle, or a simple walk, spending quality time together reinforces your connection.

OllyDog product that will help: The Vagabond Travel Bed!

The Vagabond Travel Bed by OllyDog rolls up easily to be packed away

Now your dog has a cozy place wherever they go! The Vagabond Travel Bed is durable, portable, packable and washable, so you can have quality time together anywhere. Read more about the Vagabond Travel Bed in this OllyBlog Product Spotlight.

Resolution Idea: Community Engagement
Get involved in your local dog community.
A group of white dogs playing together

Socializing with other dogs and their owners enhances your dog's social skills and provides a supportive network for you. Attend dog-friendly events, join local meet-ups, or enroll in training classes.

OllyDog product that will help: Urban Journey Reflective Collar!

A dog licking his nose, wearing OllyDog's Urban Journey Reflective Collar in Anthracite colorway

Made from comfy, washable webbing, the Urban Journey Reflective Collar will ensure your dog is easy to spot when socializing in dog-friendly spaces. Features of this stylish collar include an easy-release buckle, a silicone tag silencer and a sturdy D-ring attachment point. Complete the look with our matching Urban Journey Reflective Leash!

Resolution Idea: Practice Patience and Understanding
Approach challenges with patience and understanding.
A puppy playing with a roll of toilet paper in the yard

Dogs, like us, have their own personalities and quirks. Embracing their individuality and approaching training with patience fosters a positive relationship.

OllyDog product that will help: The OllyBlog!

While we can’t offer a leash or collar that provides a dog owner with an extra dose of patience, we can assure you that you’re not alone when the going gets tough! The OllyBlog is here to empower dog owners and cultivate a sense of community. We speak more about patience and understanding in another post, check out An Open Letter to New Puppy Parents: You’re Doing Great.

As you embark on another year with your furry friend, know that OllyDog is in your corner. We hope that in 2024, you're able to spend more time together doing what you love.

A Wish For Your Dog in 2024

I wish you…

plenty of snuggles,

lots of play,

treats for when you sit and stay.


I hope you…

fetch and frolic,

jump and run,

spread your joy to everyone!


I ask you…

stay beside me,

scare me not,

make me laugh an awful lot.


I thank you…

for your company,

love, and time,

but most of all for being mine.


A small dog on a yellow background giving puppy dog eyes to the camera

Happy New Year!
The OllyDog Team

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