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7 Waterproof Collars, Leashes, and Accessories for Adventurous Dogs

7 Waterproof Collars, Leashes, and Accessories for Adventurous Dogs

This summer has been a hot one. And like any good dog owner, you’re probably finding creative ways to keep your dog cool while you spend time adventuring outside.

When you’re out exploring with your pup, the last thing you want to worry about is a broken leash or collar — especially if you’re out in nature and far from home.

That’s why our outdoor dog apparel is built to last so your pup (and you) can tackle any adventure during these last few weeks of summer.

Looking for some awesome dog collars and leashes for a day on the trail or at the lake? We’ve got plenty of rugged and durable dog accessories that you’ll want to buy for your canine companion this season.

Here are our picks for the best waterproof dog leashes, collars, and harnesses to outlast even the most playful (dog) days of summer.


Tilden Waterproof Collar

This waterproof dog collar is perfect for any pup that just can’t manage to stay away from water on a hot summer day. Made with OllyDog’s patent AquaGuard material, this collar protects from unwanted odors while staying dry and durable.

The collar is soft, bendable, and always comfortable for your dog while they take a dip and cool off. Plus, it’s got anti-bacterial properties to keep that good boy or girl clean and free from chaffing after that swim.

Keep ‘em dry with the Tilden >


Tilden Waterproof Leash

Every dog owner can agree: there’s not much worse than carrying a soggy leash.

When your dog’s leash gets wet, it can break more easily or slip out of your hands. That could mean your dog escaping into the wilderness and getting into trouble while hiking or camping.

That’s why we’re big fans of this Tilden waterproof dog leash.

The laminate coating keeps the leash bendable and lightweight, while the sturdy aluminum clip wrangles even your most excited pups. Just like the Tilden collar, this leash is easy to clean and keeps your dogs dry.

For added protection, we’ve added 360° swivel clasps and a tangle-free design.

Get the complete Tilden collection >


Urban Journey Reflective Collar

In the heat of summer, you’re likely taking your dog out for a walk in early morning or in the evening when it gets cooler. That means there could be low light outside.

To keep your furry friend protected, you’ll want the Urban Journey with reflective thread stripes that make your dog visible in low light.

The poly webbing and aluminum D-ring make this collar easy to clip into and super durable.

Lightweight, breathable, and great for everyday wear, your dog will love this rugged dog collar for any occasion. 

Get comfort and safety with the Urban Journey >


Urban Journey Reflective Spring Leash

This is the perfect leash for your excitable doggos who just can’t wait to get to the dog park or trail head.

The length and extension of the leash give your dog room to explore, while the elastic bungee pulls them back gently if they lunge forward.

We haven’t forgotten about you, either! The handle is padded for your comfort and it won’t tangle or twist no matter what kinds of stunts your dog pulls.

Pair it with the Urban Journey collar to glow in the dark >


Alpine Reflective Harness

Sometimes, even the toughest dog leashes require a little extra help. 

That’s why we love this comfortable Alpine Reflective Harness that’s perfect for all-day wear (and a few mud puddles if they can find them).

Made from recycled plastic water bottles, this harness is breathable and give your dog a full range of motion while they climb on rocks or swim through creeks. Better still, the reflective design makes this great for a night jog with your running buddy.

Check out the 3 adjustable buckles and leash clips >


Essential Harness

For the minimalists, this dog harness brings all the functionality without weighing your dog down.

The 4 adjustment points and 2 quick-snap buckles make it easier than ever to pop out of the car and onto a trailhead. The contrasting colors also make it extremely easy to put on and take off — which means no more untangling leashes for you!

Your dog can wear it 2 different ways, so they’ll feel stylish when they head to the dog park to meet up with all their friends.

Try out the Essential Harness in 3 colors >


Trekker RF

We don’t mind when our dog does the heavy lifting. And with the kinds of outdoor adventures we’re taking with our dogs, can you really blame us?

The Trekker is built for rugged adventures in the backcountry. With adjustable saddlebags optimally designed for your dog’s comfort, you can store Frisbees, dog poop bags, and of course a few treats for the road.

It’s so comfortable, they won’t even mind carrying their own business.

Make your pup carry their own weight on the trail >


Get Innovative Dog Collars and Leashes to Brag About

As far as dog collar companies go, we’re not exactly conventional.

We’re just as active and playful as our dogs, which means we design dog gear that can keep up. Nature is our playground, and we love enjoying all that the outdoors has to offer.

We’re the first pet brand to use only recycled and repurposed materials, so you can practice your sustainability every single day, without sacrificing on quality or durability.

Ready to get your dog some gear that will turn heads at the dog park?

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