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OllyDog office dog Sophie looks up at the camera with puppy eyes

You should know that we, the people behind OllyDog, are in fact, dog people. Our company mixes business and pleasure by doting on our dogs and filling gaps in the market when it comes to the things they need. It takes more than a human team to do what we do, so get ready to meet the dogs behind OllyDog! The following four pooches, all staff dogs, are superstars for the joy and laughter they bring - they are also rockstar product testers! 

Office OllyDog: Milli! 


Name: Milli
Nickname(s): Moo Moo (because she eats grass)
Age: 8.5 years
Breed: "Mutsky" (Rescue)
Favorite OllyDog Product: Tilden Waterproof Collar and Alpine Reflective Harness
Favorite Treat: She loves large carrots (thinks it is a bone)
Fun Fact: She is an intense cuddler! She will trap your hand with her paw to ensure a proper lick-down. She is extremely sweet!


Office OllyDog: Sophie!

Name: Sophie
Nickname(s): Soph, Loaf, SophLoaf
Age: 3.5 years
Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer Mix
Favorite OllyDog Product: Goodie Treat Bag (because that's where treats come from!)
Favorite Treat: A frozen kong with Pumpkin (or pizza crust!)
Fun Fact: She loves the snow! She is a rescue from Texas so she hasn't seen it before coming to Colorado. The first time she played in the snow she had a big case of the zoomies - it was really cute.


Office OllyDog: Ivy (pictured here with feline sister, Fern)!

Name: Poison Ivy
Nickname(s): Scooby, Scoobs, Iverson, Ives
Age: 9 years
Breed: It's a mystery! We say she was "the humane society special of the day"
Favorite OllyDog Product: Vagabond Travel Bed
Favorite Treat: Sharing a BabyBell cheese
Fun Fact: She won't eat popcorn that has spilled on the floor, but if it is placed there specifically for her as a "treat" she's all abut it.


Office OllyDog: Romee!

Name: Romee
Nickname(s): Romeo, Clifford
Age: 3 years
Breed: Great Pyrenees
Favorite OllyDog Product: The OllyBottle of course!
Favorite Treat: An ice cream cone from Little Man Ice Cream in LoHi (Denver)
Fun Fact: I proofed my all
-time favorite croissants overnight (one for me and my boyfriend). After baking them, I turned my back for one second and Romee snatched them both right UP!

Whether they’re sitting pretty for a treat or causing trouble behind our backs, our dogs make every day brighter. We started making quality products to give back to our pets and to make the dog lover life a little easier for us all. Treat your pooch to something new today; OllyDog products come pre-approved by Milli, Sophie, Ivy, Romee and their friends. We know your dog will love them as much as ours do!

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