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Trick or TREAT Product Spotlight: Goodie Treat Bag

Dog owner reaching into OllyDog's Goodie Treat Bag (Fiesta color)

Happy Halloween, dog lovers!

Whether you are heading to a party or passing out the candy, we know your dog will be right by your side (potentially in a matching costume) - and they surely deserve a few treats of their own! We thought we’d use the excuse of Halloween to discuss one of our absolute favorite OllyDog products, the Goodie Treat Bag.

Trick or TREAT!

(But let’s be honest, with dogs, it’s usually both.)

A best-seller for a reason, the Goodie Treat Bag is for exactly what it sounds - treating your good girl or boy to a well-deserved treat!

The Goodie Treat Bag by OllyDog in Forest Camo, full of treats

As anyone who has trained a dog knows, having quick access to treats is key. Dogs make quick associations with their good behavior and the positive reinforcement of the following treat, but only if this is done fast enough. The window of opportunity is small at only a couple of seconds; if you’re fumbling in a pocket or fiddling with a zipper, you may just miss your chance. 

The Goodie Treat Bag features a magnetic closure that offers easy access to the treats inside, perfect for making the quick associations that help your dog learn. Even when wearing gloves on frigid days, with the magnetic closure, you won’t be slowed down.

Close up view of a woman's hand reaching into the Goodie Treat Bag in Cactus by OllyDog

The bag has an adjustable waist strap with an easy-release buckle, so the Goodie Treat Bag can be worn as a belt bag or hip pack. You can also remove the bag from the strap and clip it anywhere with the included attachment clip. Attach the Goodie Treat Bag to anything: your belt loop, bicycle basket or the daisy chain of your favorite bag.

In addition to the main compartment, there is a zipper pocket on the front that includes an internal key leash for extra organization. The Goodie Treat Bag is made from recycled materials, and each one diverts three plastic bottles from landfills and waterways in the process! We believe in responsible manufacturing that protects the environment we and our dogs love to explore.

Graphic depicting the features of the Goodie Treat Bag by OllyDog

The Goodie Treat Bag is a prime example of what we at OllyDog do best: high-quality dog gear that is functional in design and sustainably made. Treat your dog - literally - by grabbing one today. (Pssssst! The Goodie Treat Bag also makes a great gift for trainers, groomers or any friends with fur babies!)

Trick or treating may be an annual practice for humans, but our four-legged friends do it every day. Level up your treat game with the Goodie Treat Bag.

A dog dressed up as a ghost for Halloween

Happy Halloween!
OllyDog Team

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