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A group of white dogs playing together
OllyDog Lifestyle

New Year's Resolutions to Make 2024 Truly Pawsome

New Year's resolutions aren't just for us; they can also benefit our four-legged friends! As we prepare for the new year, it's the perfect time for dog owners to set intentions for a brighter, happ...

OllyDog LifestyleA dog eating from OllyDog's Crumple Travel Bowl on top of OllyDog's Vagabond Travel Bed

4 Worthy Dog Causes to Support on Giving Tuesday (11/28/23)

It’s Giving Tuesday, and we know how big the heart of a dog lover can get! If you’re looking for a way to send some love to the dogs of the world today, you’ve come to the right place. Here are fo...

OllyDog LifestyleA dog wearing a Santa hat giving puppy dog eyes

Your Dog's Holiday Wishlist

Dear Santa, I’ve been an extra good pup this year! Really, you can take my bark for it. No need to ask my “pawrents” - they’d definitely agree. To be fair, they miiiiight bring up the slippers inci...

Dog Gear HighlightsDog owner reaching into OllyDog's Goodie Treat Bag (Fiesta color)

Trick or TREAT Product Spotlight: Goodie Treat Bag

Happy Halloween, dog lovers! Whether you are heading to a party or passing out the candy, we know your dog will be right by your side (potentially in a matching costume) - and they surely deserve ...

Dog Gear HighlightsA woman walking her dog outside with OllyDog's Tilden Collection including Waterproof Leash and Waterproof Collar

OllyDog Product Spotlight: Tilden Waterproof Collar & Leash

Shopping for a collar or leash for your four-legged friend is more involved than you might think. Besides finding a style to match your dog’s unique personality, you’ll want a safe, durable product...

Dog Gear HighlightsA dog playing with the Flyer Disc by OllyDog

OllyBlog QUIZ! Which OllyDog Product is the Perfect Fit for Your Pooch?

Hey there, dog lover! Are you wondering which OllyDog product to grab for your four-legged friend? We are here to help! Take the quiz below to find out which item is sure to be your dog’s new fav...